A quick guideto cufflinks

A quick guideto cufflinks

Cufflinks add a touch of class to a man’s attire. It is an accessory that’s like a cherry on top of the cake. Conventionally, this accessory was associated only with a formal attire, and gradually it created a niche for itself in the semi-formal look as well. Cufflinks have an extraordinary ability to boost your style quotient and have become a gentleman’s favourite fashion accessory in no time.

Cufflinks are both functional and ornamental. Add a trendy pair to your ensemble, and it will make you a head-turner at every party. Cufflinks come in a huge array of styles like gold, metallic, square, round, knot, etc. Here are a few styles that you can incorporate in your outfit, this season. 


Metallic cufflink has an appealing design, which adds elegance to an outfit. Their simple, sleek and silver-polish finish complements for both formal and casual meetings. The shining silver being a neutral colour, goes with dark shirts like blue, black, etc without stealing the show.


The main highlight of this cufflink is that it is adorned with a touch of gold. It is a bold piece that is best worn with black or a variety of grey suits. The colour gold is a must addition to any man’s wardrobe. This timeless piece is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and complements the overall style.

Silver knot

For those looking for a dapper look, silver knot cufflinks are a perfect choice and are the pinnacle of luxury, style and sophistication. This distinctive style is ideal for both work and parties. With a simple yet versatile design, it’s a must-have.

Square gear 

Gear cufflinks are popular among the younger and older generation. The unique design of this cufflink highlights the idea of motion and movement which is associated with evolution. Matched with light tones of pink, white or grey outfits, it is a fun accessory for a man with eccentric style sensibilities.

Stud button

Stud cufflinks are remarkably distinctive style statements. This little piece of accessory is the best idea to prep up your tuxedo or other formal dressings. It offers a delightful glimpse of your overall personality. In vogue for their advanced design, they are best-suited for your formal meetings and go well with white, grey or lighter shades of shirts.


They are the simplest yet versatile set of cufflinks that complement your personality. They are a man’s ultimate choice. They work with any shirt, patterned or coloured, though black and white shirts make the best combination. They are easy to fasten and comfortable to use. Whether it is a special set inherited from your grandfather or a set you purchased on your own, it is an undeniable sign of a discerning gentleman.

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