The secret to flawless make-up

The secret to flawless make-up

Who doesn’t want the look beautiful and pretty? Well, it’s easy and doesn’t take much. All you have to do is keep the following pointers in mind to ace the make-up game. 

Cleanse your skin

The first step before applying any make-up is to make your skin ready for it. Wash your face with a mild face wash and thereafter use a cleanser that soothes your skin. People with oily skin can go for a gel or foam-based cleanser. Cleansing helps to clear the pores and remove excess oil from your skin. Those with dry skin can opt for a cream-based cleanser. In order to exfoliate, using a scrub is a good choice. It will remove dirt particles and dead skin, leaving a smooth base to start with the make-up. 


When it comes to moisturisers, select them according to your skin type. Having a certain amount of sunblock added to your moisturiser is a good idea. Let your moisturiser settle properly on your skin before you start applying make-up. The next step is to apply the primer. Primers help in covering fine lines and smoothing out all the uneven textures. It also helps your make-up last longer. Spread the primer across your cheeks in a circular motion.  

Conceal it

If you have any acne marks, dark spots or scars on your face, then dab some concealer on top of each mark, and then blend softly outwards. Use a thin layer of concealer to avoid having a caked-on look. The concealer comes in various forms:  liquid, stick, compact and powdered. Selecting the one that is accurate for your skin is crucial. Make sure you blend it well around the edges. You can use it directly on face scars and blemishes and merge it to create an even tone. 

Good base

The foundation is applied to serve many purposes. To start with, it helps to make a smooth layer over the skin, sometimes to change the natural skin tone. Some foundations are also useful as sunscreens, base layers or moisturisers for strong cosmetics. Blend the foundation all over your face with a sponge. A beauty sponge not only allows you to build coverage, but also gives you a natural finish. 

For the eyes

Make sure you apply the colour across the entire lid from the lash line to just above the crease, sweeping upward towards the brow (without going as high as the brow). Scope your brush over the darker eyeshadow, and be sure to get off any excess eyeshadow before applying. For an evening look, go with some shimmer in the centre of your eyelids.


Blush not only adds a glow to the face but also brings quality and sheer to your appearance. When working with a powdered blush, lightly take a medium-sized fluffy brush through the blush and then tap to remove any excess powder. Now, remember again that the secret to the best makeup is to blend it well. Light pink and peach work best for the minimal look. To complete your natural look, use a light shade of lip gloss for vibrant and attractive lips.