Shifting focus on night owls

Shifting focus on night owls

Working nights do take a toll on your body but there are ways to avoid this and stay healthy, writes Dr Sujit Paul

Night shift

Have you been burning the midnight oil and feeling the stress of night shifts? Working nights does take a toll on your body and your health. However, you can avoid this and still work on night shifts. Try these tips:

Exercise without fail

The best time to put in a workout is just before reaching your office. It will charge you up for the night and make you tired when your shift ends.

Stay away from caffeine

Avoid filling your blood with caffeine all through the night. Have a cup just before you start work and limit it to that.

Eat healthy

Working during the night will mess with your digestive system. Eat vegetables, snack on nuts, and drink smoothies.

Maintain a daily schedule

Have your dinner at a specific time. Sleep the required amount. Night shifts disrupt your natural biological routine, so you will want to maintain a forced one.

Get some sunlight

Avoid sleeping the entire day. Humans are designed to function with sunlight and you must get some.

Reduce your screen time

Avoid scrolling your phone or watching TV when you return from office.

Stay hydrated

Make sure you have plenty of water. This neutralises those acids forming in your stomach due to the night cycle and will help in digestion.