Yoga or gym?


Did you know that being sedentary is as dangerous as smoking? Being inactive for a long period of time can put your body at a greater risk of ending up with diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. 

Wondering what to pick — yoga or gym for a healthier you? They both have their own advantages. Specialists say that different schools of yoga yield distinctive wellness and medical advantages. On the wellness front, while one can expect more flexibility with yoga, both yoga and an exercise regime focus on improving the overall physical health.

Losing calories

Gym focuses more on training your muscles unless you are into heavy weightlifting and need to train your mind. You sweat it out with focused exercises to get fit, get lean or bulk up.

Gym workouts undeniably win on the calorific front. Lifting 150 lb burns up to 85 calories and is comparable to 30 minutes of yoga, while 30 minutes of strenuous workout or even running and cycling can expend upwards of 100 calories. Also, one keeps expending calories even after the activity session, in what is known as after-burn.

Everything considered, workout sessions could leave you feeling tired once in a while. Moreover, intensive exercises are not advisable for the elderly or those suffering from a fluctuating heartbeat, heart-related ailments, or other medical issues. A good exercise session can be a wonderful way to begin your day. 

Yoga for healing

Yoga, on the other hand, can be pursued over a period of time to stay fit. As opposed to workouts which focus on getting fit, yoga helps you heal. Yoga loosens up muscles and affirms digestive system, circulatory system, lymph structure, and the cardiovascular structure.

Apart from offering extended versatility and strengthening the body, it also creates positive energy, elevates the mood and decreases weight. It is also more affordable, and doesn’t require any equipment. All you require is some space to practice the asanas or yoga poses. It is perfect for seniors, women post-delivery, and those looking to reduce stress.

Yoga not only helps burn calories but also heals. Regular practice of yoga helps in getting rid of arthritis, and the management of diabetes and thyroid.

So, if you want to lose or gain weight and are more focused on building strength, then you can opt for gym workouts, but if you want to heal your body from within, and build muscle flexibility, then yoga is for you.

(The author is CEO, KlinicApp)


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