Your place in the sun

Your place in the sun

Don’t let negative emotions shackle you. Learn the art of letting go...

 The sunless past should never rule the sunlit present.

Oh, how we harbour dull aches, sharp pains, and inflammations that have their emotional roots in the past! A grudge against our parents for abandoning us… a teacher’s scathing comment that we would amount to nothing in life…

Ah, no, let those musty, rusty chains crumble to dust. Choose to be refined in a fresh way, richly happy, overflowing with a wealth of serenity. Let go of anger, insecurity, and those delusions. Discard past memories — they are useless, inaccurate. Remember, the sunless past should never rule the sunlit present.

When you let go of yesterday, you will master today. Without those negative emotions running rife in you, you make life beautiful, easy for yourself and others. People respect your transparency, your simple no-fuss approach. And you learn that pain never clings to one who follows the path of purity.

Sometimes, it may appear that others are taking advantage of your goodness. Don’t bother. For, their inner life of accumulated negativities, problems and disorders are currently colouring their dealings with you. So, please don’t stop your inner work of letting go, of self-purification. Drop more negative baggage from your psyche, like impatience, distrust and doubt. The more negatives you drop, the lighter, healthier, and fresher you feel in body, mind and spirit.

If you still have doubts about another, sit in a tranquil place, eyes gently closed. Sing a song until your mind stills all thoughts and resonates only with the song. Then remain in the soothing harmony. The answer you seek comes: “Go along,” “See what happens”. Sometimes there are no words, yet you feel peacefully reassured. Something different grows inside you at such times — love, which is an attractive and irresistible energy.

Dwelling on problems, complaining, and blaming are a waste of time. It drains energy. It solves nothing. It’s like running on a treadmill that refuses to stop however tired and frustrated you become. When you step off that tiring emotional treadmill into the peaceful, welcoming, softly lit room called love, you get to view in its glow the various doors of possibilities. It is said, every problem has 25 different solutions. As you look at each possible solution, your creative juices start flowing. They flow, flow and flow until you wonder whether that problem was ever a problem after all?

We know two people who felt they were abandoned as children. But, once they shed their anger, and their bitterness, they discovered what was growing all along in their heart: behind those dark emotions was a big, beautiful, bountiful strength — compassion.

Recently, we read about a woman struck with a terminal illness. Her life hung in balance after a difficult surgery. Finally, when the crisis passed, she awoke with her face paralysed. What broke her heart was that she could not smile at her children anymore. Ah, to bring up your children without being able to bestow a warm, loving, caring smile on them, without being able to laugh with them. An illness robbed this woman of her smile. Please don’t allow the past to rob you of your smile. If you feel somebody didn’t give you enough love, let more love pour out of you to make up for that shortfall. Maybe that’s what your soul came down for — to bring more healing, loving, compassion to this world.