Don't do anything that favours enemy: Modi

Don't do anything that favours enemy: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PTI file photo

As the Opposition readies itself to take him on the "failures" in security policy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said one should not do anything to dent the morale of soldiers or give a handle to the enemies to point fingers at the country.

Addressing BJP workers through a video conference, which the party dubbed as the world's largest such exercise, Modi said the "enemy" was trying to destabilise the country by carrying out terror attacks, as they want to stop our growth.

Reminding that countrymen are "standing like a rock" to counter the enemy's "evil designs", he said, "the country is united and stand with the soldiers. We have full faith in the abilities of our soldiers. It is very necessary at this point not to do anything that will affect their morale. We shouldn't do anything that can be used by our enemies to target us."

"India will live as one, grow as one, fight as one, win as one...We have to be hard working in all sectors. India is grateful to all those who are protecting the nation. It is because they are there, the nation can reach new levels of development," he said, as the party claimed that around one crore BJP workers listened to him at 15,000 locations.

Though he did not make any mention of his opponents, his remarks came a day after the Opposition decided to target Modi if he tends to "politicise" the Pulwama terror attack and the subsequent air strikes.

Without naming Pakistan, Modi reminded that the "enemy's aim" is to make India unstable through terror strikes. "Their aim is to stall our progress, our momentum. Every Indian should stand as a wall against their designs," he said.

He also said citizens of a “brave nation” would never sit back and relax and will always be on alert.