Dynasty doesn't bring vision and wisdom: PM to Rahul

Dynasty doesn't bring vision and wisdom: PM to Rahul

Prime Minister Narendra Modi waves at his supporters during an election campaign rally for the ongoing Lok Sabha polls, in Indore, Sunday, May 12, 2019. (PTI Photo)

Addressing election rallies in Malwa-Nimar region for the last phase of polls in Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday launched an acerbic attack on Rahul Gandhi saying dynasty can get one top position a party but doesn't bring vision and wisdom to the person.

Ridiculing the four-month-old Kamal Nath government in the state as one having  “two and a half Chief Ministers” ( Kamal Nath, Digvijay Singh and Jyotiraditya Scindia) that is confusing the state machinery as to whom to follow, Modi also linked it to attempts by Congress parties to forge a coalition after 2019 Lok Sabha poll verdict.

“When such a situation prevails because of Khichdi of only one party, what will do in the Khichdi of two dozen parties in Delhi. People of Madhya Pradesh can understand this better.
He also took a dig at the media saying the media has “vishesh kripa” on the Congress and recalled how the media had gone to the town highlighting “when a Naamdar during last assembly polls promised Made in Indore, Made in Mandsaur mobile phones.”

Modi, who had repeatedly targeted Sam Pitroda over his remarks over anti-Sikh riots, repeatedly alleged that the Congress leader said “Hua To Hua” when asked about the 1984 riots and said this denoted a mentality as Congress will respond with the same remark irrespective of whatever happens to people.”

Clearly pitching himself for the top job, Modi asked people to reply who is the person who can counter terror and take the nation forward. “Who can do it among 20 PM faces that you see. Nowadays there is a big race to become Prime Minister. Even those having the capacity of just 20 or 30 seats also aspire to become PM,” Modi said.

In a speech laced with remarks like “ghar me ghus kar marna chaahiye ki nahin (whether or not we should enter their homes and hit them (Pakistan), he told electorates this (post-Uri surgical strike and post-Pulwama Balakot strike) could be carried out because of vote power of people.’

Claiming that unlike 2014 when there was an anti-incumbency wave, there is a pro-incumbency wave in 2019, Modi said in place of him people are fighting this election.

Modi sang paens of Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, who won the Indore seat and is not contesting this time owing to age restriction policy in the party. He said Taai (Mahajan) is someone who can scold even him and promised that there is not a single suggestion of her that will not be implemented in Indore.  

He exuded confidence that people from Kanyakumari to Kashmir have decided to re-elect his government.

Attacking Congress for having hatched the 'Hindu terror conspiracy” to defame the nation’s religious heritage, Modi told Congress leaders, "No matter how many 'janeu' (sacred thread) they will show, the Congress and its 'mahamilavat' (highly-adulterated) allies will never escape from the sin of putting blot of terrorism on the saffron colour of Hindu religion."

Accusing Congress of soft-pedalling terror, Modi asked why terrorist attacks are not happening after 2014.

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