Missing names deny voters to cast vote

Missing names deny voters to cast vote

The names of 18 voters in polling booth number 35 at the Addahole Government School in Shiradi village were found in the list of deceased.

The voters, therefore, were denied of their right to cast vote.

K J Alexander’s wife Mariyamma had passed away five months ago. Instead of his wife’s name in the deceased list, Alexander’s name was found and he could not exercise his franchise.

Similarly, Krishnan’s son Rajesh had passed away four months ago. Rajesh name figured in the voters’ list. Govinda Achari’s son Rajesh found his name in the deceased list and was denied of his right.

Likewise, 18 people lost their right to cast vote at the Addahole Government School.

Harish Rao’s name was also found missing in the list of electoral rolls at Badagannooru in Puttur taluk. Instead of deleting the name of his father Premanath Rao, who had passed away last year, Harish’s name was found deleted.

A total of nine such voters found their names missing in the list at the same polling booth.

Photocopy ID

In an interesting incident, a woman who had come to the polling booth at Thingalady in Puttur with a photocopy of the identity card was allowed to exercise her franchise.

When the woman showed the photocopy of the ID card, a booth agent objected to it and official refused to allow her to exercise her franchise. By the time, however, indelible ink was already applied on her finger. When the officer asked her to get an original ID card, she asked whether she would be allowed to cast her vote as the ink was applied on her finger.

Confused, the officer finally allowed her to exercise the franchise.

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