Modi dubs Didi as ‘speed breaker’ of development

Modi dubs Didi as ‘speed breaker’ of development

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Twitter/BJP4India)

Kicking off his election campaign in West Bengal at Siliguri Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a two-pronged attack on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Congress on Wednesday. 

The Prime Minister dubbed Banerjee as a “speed breaker” of development and alleged that it is because of the Chief Minister development by the Centre has been halted in West Bengal. 

“I rue the fact that the pace with which I worked in other states  I could not do so in Bengal. The reason is that there is a speed breaker in Bengal whom people here call Didi. Didi is the speed breaker of development,” said Modi.

He further alleged that the Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo, Congress and the Left parties survive by indulging in politics over poverty.

“Didi is famous for doing politics over poverty. If there is no politics Didi’s politics will be over. Same is with Congress and Communists. So they have put on breaks on development of the poor,” said the Prime Minister. He slammed the Chief Minister of withdrawing West Bengal from the Ayushman Bharat scheme and alleged that TMC Minister and MLAs were involved in the chit fund scam.

“Didi, Congress and Communists are all the same. But this time their fight is against the Chowkidar,” said Modi. 

He slammed Banerjee and Congress for questioning the success of airstrikes by the Indian Air Force (IAF) on terror camps in Pakistan. 

The Prime Minister dubbed Congress’ Manifesto as a “charter of lies” and said that by promising to withdraw special powers of armed forces in conflict-prone areas Congress want to render them helpless.

He further alleged that rumours were being spread in West Bengal over NRC and said that refugees have nothing to worry about it.

He also said that not a single infiltrator will be spared. 

“Rest assured this is Modi. He will not spare a single infiltrator,” said Modi.