Naidu neither 'mitra' nor does he do 'seva': Modi in AP

Naidu neither 'mitra' nor does he do 'seva': Modi in AP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PTI file photo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday while addressing a public meeting in Rajahmundry alleged that Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had stolen confidential personal data of the people of the Telugu states for his political gains.

The PM said that the TDP chief had stolen data of the people through his Seva Mitra mobile application. "The fact is that Naidu is neither a “mitra” of anybody nor does he do any “seva”  to the people,” Modi said. 

A person who had stolen the personal data of people would have looted the people’s money as well, the prime minister said.

Comparing Naidu with Bhallala Deva, the negative character from Baahubali, he said, “Like Bhallala Deva, Naidu’s only aim is to grab power by hook or crook. He will stoop to any level to gain power,” he said.

While the BJP was striving to protect the cultural heritage of Andhra Pradesh, Naidu was destroying the state for his own “Heritage”, Naidu's family-run company, Modi said.

Modi also accused the TDP president of escalating the cost of the Polavaram major irrigation project on Godavari river for kickbacks. 

“In the last five years, the Centre had released Rs 7,500 crore. For Naidu, the Polavaram project is like an ATM. Who does he want to benefit with such cost escalation?” he asked.

Thanking the taxpayers of the country, Modi pointed out that his government had not introduced any new taxes in the last five years and instead had reduced the tax and also simplified tax structures.

“Starting today, we are giving great relief to the middle-class people by giving an income tax rebate to those whose income does not exceed Rs 5 lakh,” he said.

Modi wanted people to shun the grand alliance of opposition parties for the nation’s security and the development of the country. He appealed to the people to bless his government for another term.