PM makes blistering attack on opposition at rally in UP

PM makes blistering attack on opposition at rally in UP

Bhadohi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi with UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Dy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya waves at the crowd during an election campaign rally for the Lok Sabha polls, in Bhadohi, Sunday, May 5, 2019. (PTI Photo)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a vitriolic attack on Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday during a rally in Uttar Pradesh, saying that his father and former Prime Minister, late Rajiv Gandhi, died as "Bhrastachari no. 1" (Corrupt No. 1).

Armed with new terminology, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also sought to drive a wedge among the partners of the "mahagathbandhan" (the SP-BSP-RLD alliance) in Uttar Pradesh.

Addressing a poll rally here in eastern Uttar Pradesh, Modi said, "After Independence, there have been four types of governance, parties and political culture -- 'naampanthi', 'vaampanthi', 'daam aur damanpathi' and the fourth one that has been brought by us, the 'vikaspanthi'."

He explained that "naampanthi are those who only indulge in chanting the names of the members of a family. Vaampanthi are those who try to foist foreign policies on India. 'Daam' and 'damanpathi' are those who rule using money and muscle power and for the 'vikaspanthi', the priority is the welfare and development of the 130 crore people of the country".

Referring to Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Masood Azhar, who has been declared as a global terrorist by the United Nations (UN), Modi said, "A couple of days ago, the biggest organisation in the world declared Masood Azhar, who has claimed hundreds of lives in India, a global terrorist. Are you happy? Is Modi working properly? Pakistan, which was hosting parties for him, is now compelled to act against Masood Azhar. This is the impact of India's growing prowess."

"But what shall I do with the 'mahamilawati' parties, who are not ready to accept this achievement of India?," he asked.

In a scathing attack on the opposition alliance in Uttar Pradesh, the prime minister said, "The 'mahamilawati' parties say since it is election time, Modi has got the ban imposed on Masood Azhar. They see everything through the election lens and that is the reason the Congress and its allies are in this condition today.

Accusing "the 'mahamilawati' people" of treating power as a means to multiply their wealth, he said, "For us (BJP), power is a medium to serve the people."

Seeking to create a chasm in the Samajwadi Party-Bahujan Samaj Party alliance, Modi said, "When 'bua' (BSP supremo Mayawati) and 'babua' (SP chief Akhilesh Yadav) were arch rivals, then the chief minister (Mayawati) had named the district as Sant Ravidas Nagar. But 'babua', due to his self pride, removed the name when he came to power."

"And today, the same 'bua' is seeking votes for the same 'babua'," he pointed out.

Hitting out at the previous Congress-led UPA regime, Modi said, "During their 10-year rule, they eroded the country's goodwill.... There were scams worth crores of rupees...the discussion was only confined to corruption, intermediaries, dishonesty and nepotism. But this 'chowkidar' (watchman) of yours has put an end to all this."

Alleging that the Congress, SP and BSP had always made people fight against each other in the name of caste and worked for their own benefits, the prime minister said, "For a long time, I had been a chief minister of a prosperous state like Gujarat and for the last five years, you had given me the task of 'pradhan sevak'."

"Eighteen years is a long time. Has there been a single taint on this person?," he asked to a loud response of "no, no".

"Is there any discussion on my property, farmhouse, bungalow in any foreign country, anything that I have done for my family, pushed ahead my brothers and nephews? What else does the country need?.... If they (opposition) get an opportunity for two years or five years, their relatives become rich overnight...when I fight against corruption, it is for safeguarding the rights of the poor and honest people," Modi said.

Seeking to strike an emotional chord with the crowd, he said, "Why is the entire country loving Modi? The honesty and dedication that the country was looking for, Modi has spent his life in the pursuit of those feelings for the country.

"They (opposition) have a problem that nothing is happening to Modi. How can anything happen to Modi as 130 crore people are standing like a wall."

Hitting out at Congress president Rahul Gandhi, the prime minister said, "The 'naamdar' (dynast) of the Congress got defence deals done for his business partners and close friends. The 'naamdar' never thought about giving houses, toilets, electricity connections to the poor. He never bothered about the needs of the poor, but travelled all the way from London to Delhi for his business partners. That is why the people of his constituency have compelled him to leave the place."

Gandhi, the Lok Sabha MP from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, is contesting the ongoing Lok Sabha polls from two constituencies. Besides Amethi, which is a Gandhi family bastion, the Congress chief is also in the fray from Wayanad in Kerala.

Bhadohi, famous for its carpets, has a sizeable Muslim population. It goes to the polls on May 12.