Poll results now on big screens

Poll results now on big screens

A policeman at SSMRV College in Jayanagar, one of the counting centres. DH PHOTO/IRSHAD MAHAMMAD

Ever watched a live cricket match on the big screen in a huge gathering? Now, city restaurants are offering the same thrill on the day of Lok Sabha vote counting. 

As the country eagerly awaits the poll outcome, debates and insights are already on air after the exit polls. If you are in the city, you could head to some of the pubs and restuarants that are screening the counting live.

Be it the IPL or EPL, large screens attract like-minded people in droves, to enjoy a pint of beer and watch the drama unfold. Now the restaurateurs are trying the same trick.

At the Chairman’s Club, visitors can see the election counting live on a giant screen installed in the premises. “This is for whoever visits the club. It is the first time we are doing this. People are really in the mood for elections now. Everyone will be around and results can be seen in a gathering,” Jayaram, food and beverage manager at the club, told DH.

Jayaram added that they initially tried this with cricket matches. “The response was great for IPL. Hence the idea,” he said.

In Bengaluru Press Club as well, arrangements are in place to live stream the counting. Even internationally, big screens are ready for viewers. At Woodbury, New York, ‘Election Counting Night - Live Screening on Big Screen’, would start at 9.30 pm.

The event, however, is in anticipation that prime minister Narendra Modi will be elected to power again.This, they claim is the first time in Minneapolis. ‘The Return of NaMo 2.0’, they describe as a nail-biting suspense thriller. However, for those attending the event, it is mandatory to wear a NaMo t-shirt priced at $10.