Seniors vote enthusiastically in Mysuru

Seniors vote enthusiastically in Mysuru

Veeranna Aradya

The soaring heat did not deter the elderly voters from exercising their franchise in the Mysore-Kodagu Lok Sabha election, here, on Thursday. A majority of the voters, who exercised their franchise till noon, were middle-aged people and senior citizens. Comparatively, the head count of young voters was less.

The district recorded a maximum temperature of 35 degree Celsius on Thursday. But, the voters, particularly middle-aged persons stood in queues and cast their votes.

Veeranna Aradya, 104-year-old, cast his vote at a booth at Akkana Balaga on Thyagaraja Road in the city. Gowramma, 91-year-old, too cast her vote at the Sakhi polling station at 9 am, at Akkana Balaga. Gowramma said that she has not missed to vote even once since she got the right to vote.

“I have no idea how many times I have cast my vote. But, I have never missed any election. We give nothing to the country. We should at least vote to elect our representatives,” she says.

Ranganatha, 85-year-old, along with his 80-year-old wife Ramamani, cast his vote at Kuvempu High School in Kuvempu Nagar. Is there anything more sacred than casting our votes? Ranganatha asked.

A majority of the polling booths in the city were filled with elderly voters till noon.

For this 75-year-old Ramanand, voting is more important than his health. He exercised his franchise at the Government Higher Primary School in Bogadi. Ramanand is suffering from age-related ailments and is not able to walk. He was accompanied with a woman.

“I have been casting my vote since 1962. It is not right to stay away from voting, just because of health issues. Everyone must cast their right,” he said.

According to the polling officers, a majority of the voters are middle-aged persons. The first-time voters and youths are less compared to them. Even in rural Mysuru, a majority of the voters, who cast their vote till noon, were elderly persons.