MAHE launches electric cars

MAHE launches electric cars

Dr Ranjan Pai, Chairman, Manipal Education and Medical Group, flags off a fleet of electric cars in Manipal.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education in association with Mahindra has started use of electrically-powered cars to supplement its transport fleet in Manipal.

The cars were flagged off for duty on Sunday by Dr Ranjan Pai, Chairman, Manipal Education and Medical Group.

“We are the first to start this eco-friendly initiative in this part of the country,” said Pro Chancellor, Dr H S Ballal. He added that this is one more initiative from MAHE towards a friendly environment.

Various green initiatives like water recycling, green cover development, clean energy generation have earned MAHE the distinction of being one of the best green campuses in the country, he said.

“We have a number of vehicles going to Mangaluru Airport everyday, for our staff and visitors. The cars will be really helpful,” said Dr Ballal.

“Once fully charged, the vehicles can travel for about 120 km. There is a charger in the university and the airport authorities have agreed to install one at the airport. One will be made available at MAHE campus in Mangaluru,” he added.

Derrick I Joshua, Assistant Director, Environment Sustainability, MAHE, said, “The initiative will help reduce about 50 metric tons of carbon dioxide emission yearly. This translates to roughly 5,000 additional trees which would otherwise be needed to absorb such emissions.

Zero tail-pipe emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides help reduce the health impact on the local community. A significant contributor is that the electric charging station is fed with solar-generated electricity, thus practically implying a zero-emission factor,” he said.