Makutta Road opens for vehicles

Makutta Road opens for vehicles

Konanuru-Makutta State Highway, an interstate highway which connects Kerala with Kodagu, opened for traffic on Sunday after three months.

The highway was closed following landslides on 60 locations along the stretch.

Deputy Commissioner PI Sreevidya said that temporary works have been taken up on the stretch to facilitate the movement of vehicles. 

Tourist vehicles, single-axle tourist buses and single-axle light goods vehicles (not exceeding a weight of 18,500 kg) can ply on the road only between 6 am and 6 pm. Multi-axle vehicles are prohibited on the stretch. All the vehicles should ply slowly in forest areas along the stretch. Violations by vehicle owners would attract disciplinary actions, she said. 

Following the closure of the road, vehicles were plying on Gonikoppa-Ponnampet-Srimangala-Kutta route to reach Kerala.