Malpe Beach Kite Festival on December 31

Malpe Beach Kite Festival on December 31

The district administration and Malpe Development Committee will organise Malpe Beach Kite Festival on December 31.

Speaking to mediapersons, Deputy Commissioner Priyanka Mary Francis said that 30 professional kite flyers would participate in the festival.

Elaborating over the uniqueness of the event, Francis said FLY360 Team would bring 30-40 different shapes and sizes of kites.

Two types of kite flying will be held on the occasion—day flying and LED Night flying. A team will be flying 3 train kites including 100 Indian Tricolour kites in one string, she added.

The other kites include, Big Round Spinner kites, Tiger-shaped 3D Kite, Teddy bear-shaped 3D Kite, 3D Transformer, Heart shape, Ladybug kite, 3D Rabbit kite, 3D Trilo bite kite, 3D Panda-shaped kite, 3D Ashoka Chakra kite, 3D Frog kite, 3D 110-Ft long Snake kite, 3D Santa Claus, 3D Octopus kite, 3D Fish kite, 3D Dragon kite and 10 different design LED Kites and many more.

A workshop on kite making will be held, where members of the FLY360 Team will teach the participants how to make a Modern designer kite. A brief information on kites like history of kites, scientific use and appliances of kite, general information on kites etc., will be given to the participants.