Man in Koppa taluk tests positive for KFD

Man in Koppa taluk tests positive for KFD

A 22-year-old man has been tested positive for Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD) at Hadgar in Koppa taluk. 

Speaking to DH, Taluk Medical Officer Mahendra Kireetha said that a man with suspected symptoms had visited Jayapura Primary Health Centre 11 days ago. The blood samples were collected and sent to Viral Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL) in Shivamogga for confirmation. The report reached them on Friday. 

Following the confirmation of KFD, precautionary measures have been taken at Siddaramata, Kesave and Shedgar on the border of Koppa taluk.

“We have received less number of vaccinations. We have asked VDL to supply 5,000 vaccinations,” said the medical officer. 

“The man was suffering from symptoms of KFD. The report of the 22-year old man tested positive for KFD. Now, he has recovered. However, the patient’s father is still suffering from weakness and is being treated at home,” said the officer.

Two monkeys were found dead in Koppa taluk in the last one week. The ticks collected from different parts of the taluk have been tested. The KFD virus was found in the ticks collected at Herooru, Sthirooru areas in the taluk. 


The taluk medical officer has advised the residents to stay away from the forest. DMP oil should be applied to the body before venturing inside the forest. The incident of dead monkeys should be brought to the notice of health officers. All (except pregnant women) should cooperate for vaccination.  

He said that the health department in association with the gram panchayat and Forest Department officials have been creating awareness on the spread of KFD in villages. 

MLA T D Raje Gowda said, “We have sought vaccinations from Shivamogga. In case of necessity, health officials will be asked to stay in the village along with an ambulance.”