‘Crackle’ promises edge-of-the-seat moments

‘Crackle’ promises edge-of-the-seat moments

Ashley and Eddie

Filmmakers Eddie Avil and Ashley Rodrigues have dared to dream. And the duo went all out to make sure their dream translated into reality. Their latest project, ‘Crackle’, India’s first stereoscopic cinematic VR horror short film, is a result of that dream. It lasts 13 minutes and is directed and produced by Eddie and Ashley. The film revolves around a group of friends who check in as guests at a homestay. They decide to hold a seance together and the events that follow, form the crux of the story.

In an interview with Metrolife, Eddie talks about the making of the film. 

Why did you choose to do a film using virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a very powerful medium and is slowly gaining popularity in India. We did not want to use 2D because it is very restricted. It is in a rectangular format which can be viewed on television screens, mobile phones and cinemas. We wanted to make the viewers experience and feel the content, and VR serves the purpose. The reason is so profound because it enables interactivity and soon, in about five years all of our senses will be stimulated when we watch VR content. We created this urge to do something different and introduce this concept in India.

Tell us about the making of the film like?

When you work with virtual reality films you cannot have too many cuts. The shots have to be long and we had to rehearse with the actors like rehearsing for a theatre show. Preparations for the film took six months and the entire shoot took two days.

What were some of the challenges you faced?

We had to keep in mind how the cameras work. We made our own 16 camera rig and used a 16 YI 4k camera as well. Since the cameras covered angles from above and below, no crew members or actors could be on site. Another factor we had to remember was that you cannot add lighting when you shoot with a 360-degree cameras. So shooting at night was a challenge. The trick was to keep experimenting.

Why did you choose horror as the genre?

After we completed our commercial VR project, we wanted to do something cinematic and thought horror would be fun. Imagine someone creeping up on you in the middle of the night? Wouldn’t that be freaky? That is the experience we wanted to create. The location Virar, a city in Maharashtra, added to the eeriness.

How was the film received?

So far the response has been great. People of all age groups have loved the experience and that was exactly what we were working towards. Many professionals in this field enjoyed watching the film and were shocked by the quality and style of it.

Are you going to work on more films using virtual reality?

We aim to spread awareness about VR in India because there are many businesses and industries that want to use it but are unaware of its usage. We are also organising India’s first AR/VR film fest and conference titled ‘IMMERSION - International Virtual Reality Film Festival and Conference’.

We want to show the country that VR can not only be used for entertainment purposes, but also for travel and tourism, healthcare, education, e-commerce etc. We are passionate about VR and committed to building an AR/VR Ecosystem in India. We want to Build IMMERSION as the prime catalyst for India’s AR/VR industry which would lead opinion and endorse adoption of a technology that promises to change our tomorrow.

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