‘I add my twist to traditional recipes’

‘I add my twist to traditional recipes’

Hareli Chicken Curry

It’s said that a recipe has no soul, but you as a cook must bring soul to the recipe. As long as I can remember, I’ve always taken an interest in cooking. 

When I came to Bengaluru for work, I used to cook for me and my roommate. I eventually learnt how to many various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. That paid off when I got married too. I now have two wonderful children but my love for cooking has only grown over the years. 

I love innovating recipes and making it my own. I use the various ingredients available at home and turn a simple dish into something interesting and exciting. My kids are a huge fan of some of the dishes I make. 

I enjoy making chicken dishes. I once experimented and made a semi-dry chicken dish. I just deep fried the ginger and garlic and blended it in a mixer. I boiled the chicken and once that was done, in a new pan, I added some masalas to the chicken. I added a bit of the broth to the dish and the final ingredient was ready in no time. 

Biryani is one of my other specialities. Having said that, my wife is a better cook than I am. We share equal responsibilities when it comes to the kitchen. My children too participate in our experiments. While our younger daughter helps with the cooking, our son is the critic who tells us what more needs to be added to improve the dish. 

Though I do spend most of my time in the kitchen trying to make new dishes, I enjoy watching other people cook as well. It could be person-to-person or via videos. 

My next attempt will be to make traditional sambhar differently. I am already working on it and I hope to produce good results very soon. 

The recipe of Hareli Chicken Curry was also created during one of my experiments. One of the common mistakes that most people do when they make this dish to add a lot more green leaves than required, giving it an acquired taste. 

In my recipe, I’ve added a bit more green chilli for the extra kick. It’s an extremely simple dish to make and you can relish it with hot rotis or rice.


* Chicken, 500gm
* Green chillies, 10 gm
* Coriander leaves, 5 gm
* Mint leaves, 5 gm
* Ginger garlic paste, 10 gm
* Refined oil, 200 ml
* Black pepper, 2 gm
* Garam masala, 2 gm
* Curd, 1 cup


* Clean the chicken pieces. In a bowl, add salt, ginger and garlic paste and mix well. 

* Add the paste of coriander leaves and mint leaves into the bowl, along with garam masala, black pepper powder and a cup of curd.

* Mix all the ingredients in the chicken and marinate for 30 minutes. You can add a drop of green food colour if you wish. 

* Heat the refined oil in a pan and add the marinated chicken to it.

* Cook for about 15 minutes, flip it occasionally so that it cooks well. 

* Add salt as per your taste and you can have it with roti or white rice. 

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