Bengaluru: Looking for low-budget new year parties?

Bengaluru: Looking for low-budget new year parties?

Musically-inclined groups can get together at a cafe.

The end of an eventful year is nearing. Though many of you might wish to party away the last few hours of 2018, this can be an expensive (and thus not feasible) option for some. For those who want to party without burning a hole in their pocket, we’ve got you covered.  Here are a few creative pocket-friendly ideas to ring in the New Year.  


Exclusive musician party

Musicians can get together with other bands or artistes for a year end jamming session. Drive down to a cafe like Rasta or settle down in a studio for the gig. Make sure you use public transport if your jamming session involves alcohol.

Game night

Plan a treasure hunt around the house. Hide clues in places your friends will never be able to guess — under the couch, in your pet’s collar belt, behind curtains, under flower pots and so on. Whoever finds the treasure first, gets to dare anyone to do something. Fun right? It can be a great icebreaker for large groups too. Cards, ‘Truth or dare’, ‘Never have I ever’ and ‘Flip cup’ are some of the other games you can play.

Movie marathon

An easy way to stay occupied while waiting for the clock to strike 12 is to watch tons of movies. Depending on when you start, you could make it through series like Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, The Hangover, Ice Age and even the Marvel-DC movies. Or you can let each family member or friend pick out the one movie that was their favourite from 2018 and watch it together.

Get together at a farmhouse

If you are lucky enough to have a friend who has a farmhouse, head over there. If not, there are many farmhouses on the outskirts of the city where you can enjoy a private party. You can head to Roy Farms in Nelamangala and book the entire place for a day at Rs 25,000 for 12 people.

Embassy International Riding School (27 km from Bengaluru) is another option you can look at. A room for two will cost you Rs 4,500 plus taxes per night, and it comes with complimentary breakfast. If you are a group of four, book the suite. It costs 5,900 plus taxes and complimentary breakfast for two. You can enjoy horse riding (Rs 950 plus taxes), go for a walk or a cycle ride around the area. You have to bring your own food and beverage.

PS: Book your place before it gets full. 

BYOB and Potluck

Who’s got that balcony house, raise your hand! Pick up the phone and call your friends over for a potluck and Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) party. Keep in mind the space in your house before inviting too many people over. Thank us later!

PS: For the guests — stay over for the night; don’t drink and drive.

Organise a bonfire

Sitting around a bonfire with friends and relaxing with some chilled beverage, food and music is the best kind of get-together. Especially with the current Bengaluru weather. Get those warm clothes out of the closet, grab your favourite drink and pull out the barbecue grill.

Recall favourite moments

Invite your BFFs over to your place and take time out to reflect back on the year that was. You can even compile your favourite 2018 moments and make a memory board.

Jam bam

Sing the night away, blast some popular songs and do a karaoke session. If your neighbours aren’t that nosey, invite them as well. Otherwise, keep the volume low; it won’t reduce the fun.

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