A continental cruise

A continental cruise

Head to The Blackboard Bakery for some hearty food in a quiet setting

A blackboard at the entrance announces the theme for the month.

As a foodie, I am always on a lookout for places with different cuisines to relish across Bengaluru. This time I unearthed a hidden gem in the heart of the city. Tucked in a small street of the busy Lavelle Road is The Blackboard Bakery.

The cafe/bakery is a cosy hangout with an open sitting as well as an indoor one. The quaint bakery welcomes you with a Blackboard - after which it is named. The owner Nithya Susan Sunil, a baker herself, says that the blackboard features a theme every month on which the visitors are welcome to fill it with their thoughts. I visited the place around Women’s Day, and the board was filled with colourful uplifting messages for women!

Moving on to the food, I browsed their menu and found that the dishes were named after song titles and quirky one-liners; it was unique. I started off with ‘Say Something’, a salad of fresh cut apples, brie, roasted walnuts among other things, dressed with honey; it also came with some extra dressing to cater people like me, who always find salads too dry to eat.

Next came ‘Second Chances’, a small plate of cheddar mushrooms stuffed with garlic, cooked with tomato sauce and served with in-house garlic toasts. The tomato sauce was creamy and delicious; it is a delight for vegetarians.

But for an egg-lover like me, ‘Falling in love again’ was the winner. On a bed of crisp hash potatoes were well-cooked chicken strips and two soft-yolk-sunny-side-up eggs. The sourdough/rye bread perfectly complemented the breakfast skillet (a fan of cutlery, Nithya bought the skillets from Japan while on a trip).

The right drink can make any breakfast plate better, and for me, their cold-pressed juice ‘Pythagoras Theorem’ completed the equation.

Upping the game of choices for non-vegetarian guests was the ‘Always’ sandwich. The juicy filling made of chicken breast is different from what we generally see at other places. You will be immersed in the taste of the filling sandwich although it leaves your hands and plate messy,

Also, try their ‘Royal Kashmiri Kahwa’, a unique blend of the traditional tea to refresh your taste buds for the next course.

Next up, desserts, of course! How can the visit to a bakery be complete without a dash of sweet plates? At the BB, the freshly-made batches sell-out by the end of the day. The muffins, cakes and desserts have a touch of home, which I noticed, is the USP of the bakery. The ‘Sticky Toffee Pudding’ with ice-cream is a must-try. The cheesecake with orange zest is also a pleasant twist to our everyday dessert.

Be it a lazy evening tea, a laid back dinner, or a weekend morning breakfast, the Blackboard Bakery is a good option for people looking for a quieter setting.

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