A visit to India is long due, says American actress

A visit to India is long due, says American actress

Maggie Lawson

American actress Maggie Lawson, best known for her role as Detective Juliet in the TV show Psych, is a known face globally, having appeared in various sitcoms, television series and movies. She was

In an exclusive interview with Metrolife, she talks about her love for Hindi movies, the importance of theatre for an actor, the emergence of Netflix as a new age entertainment option and more.

You began doing theatre shows at a very early age. Do you think experience in theatre helps an actor bring finesse to his/her performance on screen?

Yes. Theatre is telling a story from start to finish in front of a live audience,  unlike television where you can restart and take breaks. There is something very powerful about staying in the role for the entire show. This gives you a nice base if acting and entertainment is the field you want to be in.

What interests you more as an actor: a movie or a TV show?
I can’t really choose between the two because I don’t choose roles that way. It always depends on the project and the character. Though I have done more of television shows, there is no preference in my mind.

Following Psych, you scored leading roles in shows like Back in The Game, Save the Date and Angel from Hell. Do you think Psych was a turning point for you?
Psych was a learning experience; I grew as an actor and I grew into myself. It was like an era where I got to learn so much.  

You starred in the horror-comedy series Santa Clarita Diet for Netflix. Do you think such streaming service provider giants are the new age entertainment?
Definitely. The way people watch television has changed so much over the last few years; these digital platforms offer them what they want to see. The kind of shows they are offering are fantastic. Even in the case of Psych, Netflix helped us reach a wider audience.   

When you think about India, what comes first to your mind? Have you ever visited the country?
No, I haven’t really got a chance to visit India but it is on my wish list. I would love to make a trip soon; I have many friends there. It is one of those places I would like to go and explore and pass time.

Have you watched a Bollywood movie? |
I saw ‘Monsoon Wedding’ a couple of years ago; it was an incredible movie. I really like Bollywood and I would actually like to see more movies from that stable.

Your love for animals is well known. Tell us about your association with Tiger Frances.
It’s my own foundation that I started in 2014. We take rescued animals from high-stress situations; homeless ones or those subject to domestic abuse and so on. We also educate people about the importance and wellness of wildlife.

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