Acting classes are a must: Iti

Acting classes are a must: Iti

Iti Acharya

Actor Iti Acharya just wrapped up the shoot for ‘Kavacha’. After working with seasoned actors like Shivarajkumar, she feels that one must stay humble and keep learning. 

“I am at an acting workshop now and I am trying to brush up my skills for new projects I will be working on. It should be a requisite for all actors,” she says. 

There are misconceptions that actors who have worked on four or five films are skilled in acting. “While many might be, I have learnt that acting is a continuous learning process. Actors like Shivarajkumar do improvisation on the spot and put in a lot of effort on a character. Junior artistes must learn from this.”

Most seasoned actors are humble and they are pleasant to work with, she adds. “I always believed that actors have an air about themselves which makes them stand out from the crowd but I realised that to be a great actor, one needs to be with the crowd. I have seen how actors function. I always thought that actors would wait for their scenes to get done and rush back to their caravans to rest. But this is not always the case,” says Iti.

“It was amazing to see how actors like Shivanna would play with children on the sets and help junior actors like me with our scenes, even after being done with their work. This is a perfect example of how a film needs teamwork and how we have a lot to learn from each other,” says Iti. 

‘Kavacha’ has actors like Ravi Kale and Vasishta N Simha in it. “I have realised from all these actors that one has to be open to learning. Only then can one do some phenomenal work,” she says.

Acting workshops are like tuition classes, Iti says. “At tuition classes, you continue practising problems and answering questions so that you can perfect them. Workshops work the same way,” the actor adds.