With all things he loves

With all things he loves

My perfect weekend

A perfect weekend for me should be something that can lay off the stress from the last week and prepare me for the coming week. This includes being with people I love and doing things that I enjoy the most. 

Having said that, in my side of the world, I don’t have anything as specific as a weekend. Sometimes, the day I am not shooting becomes my weekend, doesn’t matter if it is a Monday. 

But if I really want to unwind, the best way is to hit the gym. I like being fit and following a strict gym routine. Running on the beach and practicing mixed martial arts is something I thoroughly enjoy. 

Since it’s summer, swimming has a fixed place on my weekend activity list. It is the best way to beat the heat. I play sports and Squash is my favourite. These physical activities destress me just the right way.

I have a few very close friends in Mumbai and spending time with them is a mandatory thing over the weekend. Sitting and chatting with them, sometimes mindlessly, is a total relaxing. 

My constant companions are movies. I make sure that whenever I have the free-time or have an entire weekend to myself, I catch up on my dose of TV shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime or watch films. This way I research about a new role and also revisit some of my classic favourites. 

Reading is yet another activity that I like. I have always been a voracious reader. Though these days it has been more of reading scripts, I still make sure to read a book or two during the weekend. Books are great healers. The last book I read was Solo by Rana Dasgupta. I like reading autobiographies the most. They really help me learn from other people’s lives.  

I am a trained jazz dancer but because of my schedule I wasn’t regularly for my classes but now I have started again. So, I look forward to this as well. 

I am a big foodie and if I had my ways, I would be only eating junk. Considering the profession I am in, I limit myself now. My favourite is ‘ghar ka khana’ and ‘aloo parathas’ top the list.  

Along with me being a foodie, I am also a very adventurous person. Thanks to my profession, it takes me to a lot of places and taught me many exciting activities. During the weekends, my friends and I always are on the lookout for unexplored places in and around Mumbai. Having said that, Alibag and Lonavala are our favourites. Horse riding, deep sea diving, snorkelling and scuba diving are a few adventure activities that I like. 

Since I stay alone in Mumbai, my family often comes to visit me. And they make sure it is on the days I am off work.

My weekends are a fine mix of everything I like and that truly justifies my meaning of a perfect weekend.