An evening of classical music

An evening of classical music

Soulful notes

An evening of classical music

The Capital reverberated with tunes of Hindustani classical music recently. The Rageshri classical music foundation held its annual two-day Rageshri music festival at Amaltas Hall, India Habitat Centre. The best of Hindustani vocal and instrumental artists performed along with upcoming  stars.

Rageshri Foundation was founded two years back by Ustad Haryson, Vishan Lal, Parveen Behl, Subashri Murthy and Satish Kumar. Its aim is to promote Indian classical music, dance and traditional arts of India. 

He informs Metrolife, “We keep looking for talented youngsters who have the potential to be future torchbearers for Indian classical music. We have many great artists today but it is important to leave our dharohar of knowledge to the next generation. That’s why we make our younger artists perform with the accomplished ones at Rageshri Festival.”

This time, the two-day fest was opened by Shahbaaz Hussain Khan - a Hindustani vocal artist. He performed raag Puriya Dhanashree vilambhit and dhrut. Pt Lalit Kumar gave a soul-stirring sitar recital thereafter in raag Rageshwari vilambhit and dhrut. He performed a neat jhala (fast sitar recital) which thrilled the audience no end. 

Tabla artists Pt Ramkumar Mishra and Satish Kumar and Harmonium player Mithlesh were the perfect 

accompanists. On the second day, Krishna N - a well-known Hindustani vocalist - rendered raag Yaman. His soulful rendition created a most suitable environment for an Indian classical music performance and lastly, Pt Rajendra Prasanna closed the festival with a melodious flute recital. Solo flute recitals are anyway rare in the Capital and the audience enjoyed their evening out completely.