Ashwin Rao Pallaki plays ’80s photographer Pandu

Ashwin Rao Pallaki plays ’80s photographer Pandu

The actor will be seen in bell bottom pants and large-collared shirts, holding a vintage camera

Ashwin Rao Pallaki

Ashwin Rao Pallaki, who likes to experiment with roles, will soon be seen in ‘Photographer Pandu’, which is set in ’80s. The teaser of the film, set in Dhoonthuru, which released recently has turned heads.

The actor, last seen on screen in ‘Katheyondu Shuruvagide’, is set to essay the role of a photographer. 

“The film revolves around my character’s life, how people come to get photos shot and don’t pay money, and several other struggles. My character gets caught in some mischief and the film is about how he gets out of it,” he says. His look in the film is quite different. “I grew my hair and beard for it. I will also be seen sporting bell bottoms and large-collared shirts,” he says.

Apart from costumes, Ashwin will also be seen walking around with a vintage camera. “We found it in Shivajinagar. We needed a camera from ’60s or ’70s, as the camera Pandu uses in the film is gifted to him by his father. It travels with Pandu throughout the film and is the main reason for certain incidents,” he says. 

Films set in the ’70s and ’80s are now common in Sandalwood. “I am not sure how such movies have become a trend now, but stories set in those times are gaining popularity. The audience enjoys seeing props and costumes from that era,” he says.

Ashwin had to speak with a Mandya slang in the film. “The phrases and tempo are different from the Kannada spoken in the city. I got so used to it that even after the shooting, I continued to speak the same way,” he laughs. 

The film is a comedy thriller, which “is not a common genre” and was a challenge to make. “Pandu gets out of a situation and lands into another, which is quite thrilling and also comical,” he says.

Ashwin’s character has a realisation in the film. He reveals, “Pandu understands that if he runs away from situations, he will have to be on the run his entire life. He decides to face the situations which is when things start falling in place.”

Comedy is not new to Ashwin. “But it is quite hard as it requires perfect timing and dialogue delivery,” he sums up.


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