Brave Delhi winter with hot rasam

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Brave Delhi winter with hot rasam

The whiff of garlic acts as a deterrent to trying out the Garlic Rasam, but a sip of it and the crushed slightly sautéed garlic simmered well in the rasam, garnished with fresh coriander, makes for a welcome stress busting drink at Sagar Ratna.

It is difficult to not to salivate while describing the drink that revives the good old experience of eating South Indian cuisine. With the cold season making its presence felt in the National Capital, the restaurant has introduced a new winter menu that caught Metrolife’s fancy.

Next to a Chinese restaurant, this outlet in K Block, (outer circle, Connaught Place) of the popular food chain exudes old world charm with its green painted facade. Inside, simple sitting arrangement is made special with the warmth with which the staff treats the guests.

Since it was the winter menu that attracted Metrolife to the place, we decided to stick to it. The delicious food shots incorporated in the menu supported our decision and the Garlic Rasam proved it as a good one.
 To try this first was somehow foolish, since the flavour is so overpowering that it becomes difficult to relish the perfectly simmered Tomato Rasam and the Pepper Rasam (which makes everyone cough)!

One can easily mistake Madras Fries as potato fries, due to the vertical manner in which they are cut and fried. A bite into the crunchy layer outside gives way to a soft inside and the realisation that these are idlis! Cooled and coated with gunpowder, these sliced idlis are fried and sprinkled with gunpowder before serving. One can’t let go of the plate after having tried one.

In the other version, that is Idli Platter, the idlis are not as tasty. Not because they aren’t fresh. The presence of tomato, coriander and coconut does add the red, green and yellow colour but not a delicious taste that lingers on in memory. The experiment is a good attempt but needs to be perfected with time.

On the contrary, the Vegetable Biryani and Chettinad Rice are sapid. While the South-Indian biryani tastes good with only (vegetable) raita, the Chettinad Rice is richer in flavour. A typical tempering of curry leaves and rye in the rice prepared with Chettinad spices heightens the taste.

Beware of ordering dosa as they are prepared with white butter. This makes the Udupi Set Dosa too oily to be enjoyed. Its accompaniment – Kurma – should not be missed for its delicious gravy.

Though the Spinach Corn Cheese Dosa sounds like a fusion of European sandwich fillings and Indian dosa, it tastes much better than the Vegetable Cheese Dosa. The vegetables in the latter need to be sautéed more to gel with the melted cheese.

Time for dessert and there’s no dearth of options. Don’t expect a regular payasam or rava kesari for there is the Coffee Lava Cake. Prepared with wheat flour, this eggless cake with vanilla essence oozes flavour of liquid coffee making the dessert experience really sweet.
It is just this one time that Metrolife would suggest you miss the filter coffee and opt for Special Bengaluru Hot Badam Milk, and get carried away in the aroma of cardamom, saffron and almonds to brave the winters ahead.

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