Can gaming have a positive effect?

Can gaming have a positive effect?

A recent study suggests that playing video games can improve basic mental abilities. This sparked a lot of discussions on the disadvantages of gaming and the addiction in children and adults.

Metrolife spoke with psychologists and gamers in the city and here is what they say.

City-based psychologist Rizwana Begum observes that technology addiction is picked up by children from their parents.

“The addiction in parents might be due to their relationship crisis. The virtual world is a medium to stay away from the real problems; it is a sort of coping mechanism,” she adds.

But she also agrees that playing games can have a positive effect on the mind unless it turns into an addiction.

She explains, “It increases the logical thinking and enhances our problem-solving skills. But, getting addicted to it can lead to a lot of other problems.”

There has been a rise in addiction cases, and people have started consulting psychologists after recognising the issue. “The more people hide their issues, the more the level of depression and loneliness they experience,” she observes.

Shashank, a professional gamer, affirms that gaming has had a good impact on his life. "I am not addicted to gaming, it has made me more confident and positive now,” he shares.

A little tip!
“Extreme gaming can result in isolation. Enjoy gaming but don’t neglect other healthy activities like socialising,” says Kusuma Shiva, psychotherapist.

Advantages of gaming
Cognitive benefits associated with playing games.

  • Improves the executive functions in the brain and helps in making decisions.
  • Improves response to stimuli.
  • Improves mental flexibility, in turn making one better at switching between tasks, and at adapting to changes.
  • Playing 3D games improve recognition ability and spatial memory.
  • Improves visual processing ability.
  • Reduces stress levels.

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