A career in art is Triveni’s dream

A career in art is Triveni’s dream

Light bulbs turned into a piece of art.

Art fascinated her since she was a kid. Triveni, hailing from Dakshina Kannada, is an ardent art lover who wanted to pursue it as a career but couldn’t. She now uses her art skills to de-stress herself from a long day.

“I am very passionate about art and crafts. I couldn’t pursue art as a career because it wasn’t considered ideal back then. My daughter is also interested in art, so I am happy that I could help her take it up as a career,” says Triveni, who works as a freelance insurance and soft-skills trainer.
She is interested in everything that’s art. From bottle-painting to window-dressing, she has tried her hand at everything. “I have been doing this since long, but now I try making them often since I have got some time,” she adds.

She spends almost every night making something small to unwind; she usually paints bottles which take about thirty minutes to complete. “After a tiring day, I end up painting something to end the day, and it is usually a bottle which doesn’t need much time and effort,” she adds.

She comes up with ideas spontaneously; doesn’t invest too much time thinking about it. “Anything that excites me, I will try to make art out of it,” she says. She also has a diary where she writes down her ideas to work on them later.
The freelancer uses various materials to make her art, some of them are coconut shells, light bulbs, bottles, styrofoam. Her speciality is artworks using styrofoam, and she says that it is time-consuming to work with styrofoam because of the need to focus on details. She also has done window-dressing for a few showrooms in the city.
Apart from making art pieces at home, she also organises workshops. She conducts art and cooking workshops for children whenever she gets time.

When asked about her inspiration to make such beautiful art-pieces, she adds, “Each one of us possesses creativity; we should look within and unleash it. I am glad to have naturally endowed with such creativity.”

Has also sold some of her artworks. “My artwork is on display at a hotel in Mangalore,” she says excitedly. When asked about taking it further, she adds, “My folks have always encouraged to take it more seriously and start a business. But as of now, I am happy teaching and gifting my artworks to people. I will surely think about it someday.”
Triveni also intends to publish her work on social media soon.