Casual American diner now in Malleswaram

Casual American diner now in Malleswaram

Stevie’s is one of the very few themed eateries in Malleswaram West, an area that flaunts many South Indian hotels.

Stevie’s West is an American diner-themed cafe.

Opened two months ago, Stevie’s is already garnering crowd mostly for the variation in cuisine from the usual eateries that serve vada and masala dosas.

The place is not hard to locate as it is situated on the main road; the lack of parking space might cause a minor inconvenience though. We visited the place on a Thursday night and wasn’t as busy as we expected it to be.

‘Bollocks’ is potato stuffed with mushroom.

The cafe has a casual setting, following the style of an all-American diner with hit pop numbers playing in the background. The highlight of the decor is that the outer wall of the cafe has the painting of famous characters from hit animated sitcoms -- Homer Simpson from ‘The Simpsons’ and the title characters of ‘Rick and Morty’. The menu is a mix of cuisines with pizzas, pasta, burgers and biryani.

We ordered ‘Bollocks’, potato stuffed with mushroom, tomato jam and lemon Aglio e Olio and zucchini fries, a healthy take on the classic French fries.

They weren’t great. ‘Bollocks’ was comparatively good, but some salt could have made it better. The cafe must work on the zucchini fries; it was mushy and oozing oil like bajjis (not very healthy!).

Not losing hope, we moved on to the main course with ‘mushroom and spinach lasagne’. Loaded with fresh cheese, spinach and mushrooms, the Italian speciality became the star of the meal. This dish is strictly for those who like the flavour of cheese and pasta.

We also liked the menu for its balanced number of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

'Bunsai’, a pickled assorted veggies burger 

‘Bunsai’, a pickled assorted veggies burger is what we ordered next. It was a classic charcoal burger with a sumptuous veg patty and in-house sauces. The taste left us craving for more; it is a must-try. The chefs also have experimented with the food. A few burgers on the menu have Kurkure, Maggi and french fries in them.

Feeling full, we wanted to end the meal on a sweet note. We ordered a strawberry cheesecake milkshake. It also had whipped cream on top which mixed well with the milkshake and tasted heavenly.

Stevie’s offers good food in generous portions at low prices, but make sure that you order food wisely as few dishes on the menu might not be great as it seems to be. As for the service, it needs attention; the staff weren’t quick and also not well-versed with the menu.

Overall, if you are on a budget and looking for an eatery in Malleswaram where you can also hang out, Stevie’s will fit the bill.

‘Stevie’s’ is located in 8th Main, between 17th A Cross and 18th Cross Road, Malleswaram West.