In Chambal, Sonu is Satish’s leading lady

In Chambal, Sonu is Satish’s leading lady

The exhibition aims at depicting the ‘Real’ Kashmir and the brimming football enthusiasm amongst their youth.

Actor Sonu Gowda will be seen in upcoming film ‘Chambal’ by Jacob Varghese, who is known for ‘Prithvi’. The film will also star actors like Satish Ninasam, Achyuth Kumar, Pawan Kumar and Kishore.

The actress is excited that she got to explore a more realistic script with this film.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, she sheds light on her role. 

Tell us a bit about the film.

The film has a more realistic plot than any film I’ve been in. It was a dream come true to act in Jacob Varghese’s film. The film is about an IAS officer (played by Satish Ninasam) who is under a lot of pressure and his struggles are shown in the film. ‘Chambal’ is realistic and has thriller-suspense elements in it. 

You play the role of an IAS officer’s wife. Tell us more.

I play the role of Suma and am cast opposite Satish Ninasam. I am a soft-spoken and supportive person and am very patient. I have a positive approach towards everything and I encourage Satish’s character throughout the story. 

How similar are you to your character?

(Laughs) I don’t think I am as patient as Suma is shown. Also at times, I feel I just think about myself unlike my role in the film who is quite selfless.     

What about the role made you want to take it up?

The very fact that it was going to be a film on the likes of ‘Prithvi’ is what attracted me to it. This was a film like ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ or ‘Madras Cafe’, which shows so many things that many aren’t aware of.  

What was most challenging about the film? 

Jacob sir just told us that the film would be a Prithvi-like film. We weren’t given the script beforehand and there was zero homework involved. I, like most of the actors on the set, didn’t know much about our roles. 

How was it to come to the sets unprepared?

When you are told about your role and scenes in advance and changes happen for the better it is accepted well but when things don’t go as planned, it can give rise to a tensed situation. During the making of this film, everyone was open to changes. I had worked with these actors earlier and it was a great experience; everyone could see the seriousness and commitment put into the film. We were all deeply involved in the film.