'Classical music is soul-tapping'

'Classical music is soul-tapping'

'Classical music is soul-tapping'

They say all religion is one and a group of highly talented women singers from all over the world are all set to prove the same.

In the new album ‘Beyond Love Within’, one can listen to the powerful music rendered by Regula Curti, a Christian from Switzerland; Dechen Shak-Dagsay, a Buddhist from Tibet; Tina Turner, a Buddhist-Baptist from Nutbush, Tennessee and Sawani Shende-Sathaye, a Hindu from Pune.

Popular classical singer Sawani chatted with Metrolife on her experiences of working on the album and her interaction with the legendary Tina Turner.

Regula and Dechen had formed this group seven years ago. And when Sawani was in Switzerland to perform a series of concerts, she met Regula thanks to her tabla player Srirang Miradkar.

“She was looking for an Indian singer for the new album. She wanted someone who could not just chant Sanskrit ‘mantras’ but also deliver them properly. She attended one of my concerts and signed me on after explaining the basic theme of the album to me,” she notes.

When Sawani realised that renowned popstar Tina Turner was on board as well, she just couldn’t believe it!

“Everyone knows her as a huge popstar but I never thought she would be so warm. She was telling me that she wants to learn Indian classical music. She is 75 and even at this stage of her career, she has the urge to learn. No wonder she is legendary,” explains Sawani.

Revealing some more details about the album, she notes, “All the songs are not just spiritual but also revolve around women power. They are in praise of goddesses.”

Though there are no concerts scheduled to be held in India for now, Sawani is excited about going to the US or UK.“We might even make an appearance on ‘Larry King Live’,” she exclaims.

Though her main aim is to promote classical music, she doesn’t mind singing Hindi film songs provided they suit her taste.

“Though the golden days of Lata Mangeshkar are over and most of the current film songs aren’t that good, there are many that are aesthetically done. I particularly love the Sufi based ones like Kabira and the ones sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,” she explains.

“But my love is classical music. It’s not just foot-tapping but soul-tapping,” she signs off.