Dance as a step to discipline

Dance as a step to discipline

A session of ‘Samvada’ in progress.

On ‘World Dance Day’, bharathanatyam exponent Bhavani Anantharaman conducted a three-day interactive bharathanatyam workshop called ‘Samvada’.

Bhavani, along with her senior disciples Anitha Rajagopalan and Deepa Bharath, conducted the workshop for children of different age groups.

The workshop began with a small introduction to bharathanatyam where Bhavani emphasised the need for discipline as an integral part of this dance form. She also took the students through three presentations.

The themes were kept interesting for different age groups. She also taught the children how to depict different characters, react and emote in different situations, through bharatanatyam gestures.

Bhavani said, “The idea of the workshop is to demonstrate to the students that bharathanatyam not only provides for some great physical activity but also reiterates that it is a sort of education that will instil in youngsters the courage and confidence to deal with challenging situations that they may come across in their life.” Bhavani is a recipient of Shivali Nritya Shironmani and Bharathi Natyamani titles. She is an artistic director at Bhavani’s Prasannalaya.