Dhanveerrah plays rowdy in ‘Bazaar’

Dhanveerrah plays rowdy in ‘Bazaar’

newbie Dhanveerrah Gowda

Dhanveerrah Gowda is making his debut into Sandalwood with ‘Bazaar’. The son of Thimme Gowda, producer of the film, is excited and nervous about the release. He has pinned his hopes on the mass film story, which he is convinced will get him noticed. 

How did the film happen?
I was interested in acting. My father and I were going through the scripts that came my way but none of them convinced me enough, especially for my debut. But we heard about Suni sir’s film, I knew that this was the right project for me to begin with. The moment Suni sir narrated a one-line script, I was curious about the film. The character has a freshness to it and the story is new. 

Tell us a bit about your character.
I play the role of Kalki, an orphan who is a young rowdy. I am a big fan of Darshan the actor, and this role made me really happy. In most movies, the hero is woos his lady love because of his feelings for her and the wish to build a life together. In ‘Bazaar’, Kalki woos the girl to go through a heartbreak, as he is advised to experience to do so to grow in life. 

Does the movie talk about pigeon racing?
Yes. In films like ‘Chowka’, pigeons were used in shots and the subject was grazed with. But here, Suni sir has gone in depth into the subject and explored the history. While many own pigeons as pets, the pigeon racing tournament and the betting scenes are all well explored here.

Why is the film named ‘Bazaar’?
The film’s title looks at life philosophically. When one is at a ‘bazaar’ (market), they can find several items at the same place. The director has to metaphorically said that life is also like a marketplace where one can find several emotions like happiness, confusion, anger, romance and heartbreak.

Did you have to do any homework for the role?
Living the character of Kalki was a different experience. I had to train with pigeons to prepare myself for the role. There were multiple acting workshops taught me how to express emotions differently, to work with comedy and more. 

What was most challenging part about the film?
I found romantic scenes very challenging. I had no issues with comic or action scenes. I was shy and also worried about what my co-actor, Aditi, would think of me. But she was very sweet and cheered me on to perform well. There is a jumping fight scene in the film where I have to jump from the sixth floor. I injured my shoulder ligament during the shot. I was on a break for a month but I came back stronger after that.

There have been rumours that the film is an adaptation of the Tamil film ‘Maari’. Is it?
Many have been speculating that the film is similar to ‘Maari’. But the film is unique and stands for itself; it belongs to a different genre and the storyline stands on its own.