Dive into the bundle of joy

Dive into the bundle of joy

If you are on Church Street, it is almost impossible to miss the bright yellow and black structure that says, ‘The Bundle and Co’.
Just three months into the business, this place has already become a favourite to many, thanks to their pocket-friendly prices and a delectable menu.  

So why the name, ‘Bundle’, you ask, ‘because we specialise in great gourmet burgers and a burger is also a bundle of things put together’, says co-founder Shorab Choudhary who is also the owner of the ‘Khan Saheb’ chain and ‘Tall Blonde French’. His partners are Anthony Denver and Mumbai-based Amrita Mordani. 

The quaint place has a seating capacity of 14 and the first look of the decor reminds one of a  French restaurant.  

Roasted Walnut Rocket Salad

Once you settle down, ask for a plate of ‘Teriyaki Chicken Wings’ and a bowl of ‘Roasted Walnut Rocket Salad’. The chicken wings are juicy and succulent. You can’t help but go for a second bite. Ditch the napkin and enjoy the messy-spicy treat. If you are a vegetarian, the citrusy walnut salad is a blessing. The goodness of green apple slices, walnuts and crunchy rocket leaves is a definite yes to a good start of a meal. 

While you munch on your starters, ask for ‘Grapes Cucumber Spritzer’ which is an unusual combination of American grapes, muddled cucumber, lime juice and sugar syrup. The ‘Banana Nutella Shake’ is a must-try too. 

The highlight of the restaurant is there focus on curating gourmet food with all kinds of meat like tuna, duck, prawns, chicken, fish and lamb. They make about 25 types of sauces in-house, along with patties and bread. 

Ask the chef to keep your portions small if you want to try out maximum dishes from the menu. You will not regret, we promise! 

For the main course, try the penne alfredo pasta. It is creamy and can be a little filling but it’s cheese after all, you don’t want to keep the plate aside, do you? 

Keep the best for the last, the sumptuous ‘Hammered Smoke and Pepper’ burger is a mouthwatering experience. The bun is stuffed with chicken breast, smoked chicken ham and creamy mushroom sauce. The Ratte potato with a dash of garlic aioli makes the burger a wholesome dish in itself. The generous fillings make the burger a little messy though. 

If you are looking for a vegetarian alternative, go for ‘The Simple Simon’. The shiitake and button mushroom patty with goat cheese, caramelised onion and garlic aioli sauce makes it one of the best vegetarian burgers on the menu.   

Like they say, always make space for dessert. You wouldn’t want to miss the ‘Bluberry Cheesecake’ or complete your meal with a spoonful of Nutella Cheesecake. 

‘The Bundle and Co’ is located at Church Street, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, MG Road. For details, call 9148887222.