Metrolife: DJs pay tribute to EDM pioneer Avicii

Metrolife: DJs pay tribute to EDM pioneer Avicii

The untimely passing away of Swedish DJ and producer Tim Bergling aka Avicii has shocked the music world. Avicii, the pioneer of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) was found dead on Friday in Muscat, Oman. He was just 28.
In 2016, the artiste had announced his retirement from touring and performing live. He was suffering from pancreatitis, reportedly because of excessive drinking.

His passing away has left his fans across the globe shattered.

A few DJs and music lovers in the city pay tribute to the talented artiste who inspired them with his music.

“I thought it was a rumour when I heard the news. It is very disheartening. Avicii started his career at a young age and that in itself is such an inspiration. More than a DJ, he produced his own style of music which was refreshing and different than what others were producing at the time. I have been DJing for 10 years and his music has inspired me in a big way. It was his track ‘Level’ that was loved by everyone and Avicii became a star overnight. The world lost him too soon.”
Favourite tracks: ‘Wake Me Up’, ‘Levels’ and ‘Hey Brother’.

“Avicii’s untimely death is unbelievable. He has inspired musicians across the world and I am one of them. I have played many of his tracks at my gigs and his music is loved by all. He is gone but what he has given to the industry will always remain with us. We, as DJs, will continue to play his tracks. Young musicians and aspiring DJs should take note of all the good things he has done in his career and not focus on the
negatives. Many think that it is a ‘cool’ industry but it is not. Drinking, smoking or doing drugs won’t serve any purpose; you will only end up ruining your life. It is important to learn to carry your success the right way. DJing is a job and it is important that one treats it seriously. Passing away of Avicii is a huge loss.”
Favourite tracks: ‘Hey Brother’ and ‘Wake Me Up'.

“The news is not easy to sink in but that is life. When I started my career in the field eight years ago, Avicii
had just gained the position of being one of the top DJs in the world. His contribution to the dance music is immense. Be it the elements he produced, the words in his songs or the melody in the tunes, Avicii spread magic with his music. Every music lover will remember him as someone who changed the dimensions of
Favourite tracks: ‘You Be Love’ and ‘Wake Me Up’.

“Though I am not an EDM fan, in particular, Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ and ‘Levels’ were two tracks that caught my attention. He tasted success pretty early and emerged as one of the top DJs, his music is the proof to that. ‘Wake Me Up’ is a beautiful song for its technicalities and the sweet melody. I find the country
feel of the song soulful. His passing away is a sad moment for all. I have been a DJ for 25 years and I have seen many ups and downs in a DJs life. Avicii’s death (if it is due to excessive drinking) is a huge learning for other aspiring DJs. Music is a responsible job.”
Favourite tracks: 'Wake Me Up' and Levels.

“The first time Avicii performed in Bengaluru was in 2011 -- that was the time when EDM started becoming popular in India. Avicii was a humble DJ and was always away from controversies. It is a huge blow for
all his fans and music lovers. He left too early. The few years of what he has done has given a foundation for the music industry, especially India, because only after he performed here did other internationals DJs like Hardwell, Nicky Romero and Martin Garrix came to perform. He used to bond well with his audience and that is why people could relate to him. His music touched your soul. He was just 20 when he started, if this isn’t enough to inspire someone, I don’t know what will. When he announced his retirement in 2016, deep down we had already lost him and now that he has retired from the world, it is a difficult moment for all.”
Favourite tracks: 'Wake Me Up', 'Levels', 'Waiting For Love', 'Hey Brother' and 'I Could Be The One'.

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