Don’t compromise on your self-respect: V Harikrishna

Don’t compromise on your self-respect: V Harikrishna

The friendship between Darshan and V Harikrishna helped strengthen the content and character of ‘Yajamana’ which released last weekend

Rashmika Mandanna and Darshan in ‘Yajamana’.

Actor Darshan’s latest release ‘Yajamana’ is undoubtedly custom-made for his fans. V Harikrishna, who has directed the film along with P Kumar, says that his long association and friendship with Darshan helped him hone the actor’s character in a better way.      

This is Harikrishna’s first film as a director. He says that he has always wanted to foray into direction but waited for the right script. “I look at cinema as one entity and don’t look at it in parts. This story has content and is a commercial film but there’s a lot for people to take back home,” says Harikrishna.

V Harikrishna

The story traces the life of a young man who moves into the city from a village. “The story is between purity and impurity. The incidents capture the tussle the hero has when he battles between a corporate setting and small scale industry,” says Harikrishna.  

 There are 11 sets that have been used for the film, erected in Bengaluru and Mysuru.

“Ours is one among the very few films that have used multiple sets. It is impossible to venture out and shoot with Darshan. Sets give us the liberty to work in a controlled environment and work more,” adds Harikrishna.

He adds that the hero’s introduction scene and his action sequences post the interval are the two takeaways from the film. The comedy scenes by Sadu Kokila and others will leave people in splits. 

Another thing to watch out for in the movie is the sizzling chemistry between Darshan and Rashmika Mandanna. “There’s strong love between the two but this kind of love comes with a lot of responsibility. The heroine essays a bold role but her boldness comes out only when necessary,” says Harikrishna.  

Was Harikrishna under pressure when he was working on the film, especially because Darshan was returning after a year and eight months?

“More than pressure, it was my responsibility to project Darshan in a strong light,” he says.

What is the message to take back home from the film? Harikrishna says, “Your self-respect must not be compromised under any circumstances. Don’t allow anybody to rule you.”