‘Dubbing is like acting all over again’

‘Dubbing is like acting all over again’

Actress Radhika Narayan plays the role of an art curator in ‘Mundina Nildana’ 

Radhika Narayan

Actress Radhika Narayan is all excited about her upcoming release ‘Mundina Nildana’, directed by Vinay Bharadwaj. The romantic-drama is in post-production and tells a story of three characters, played by Praveen Tej, Radhika and Ananya Kashyap.

The highlight of the film is that its colour grading is done by Red Chillies Entertainment, which is owned by Shah Rukh Khan.

“Mundina Nildana will be their first Kannada film collaboration, which is a big deal. The fact that their office will have our film’s poster up is in itself so rewarding and fulfilling,” she says.

Radhika believes it was a blessing that she chose to work in the film.

“The journey that the main characters take lead to their ‘Mundina Nildana’ (next stop). I play Meera Sharma, an art curator who explores her own journey. She is a classy person, independent and self-assured and is looking for a soulmate,” she says.

Though there are three main characters in the film, Radhika says that the story is not a love triangle. “The film shows heartbreak, friendships, career choices and passion for things one wants to follow.”

The teaser of the film had garnered much attention on the internet. “I have a very unique look, which depicts my character really well,” she says. Radhika says she would have regretted it had she turned the film down.

“I felt good as an actor. This was a fresh role and it felt like I had pushed myself to the next level of acting. Playing Meera was liberating,” she says.

The film is Vinay’s debut directorial project. “He is a positive-minded person and motivating. Although this is his first experience in directing, Vinay did a lot of homework and planned everything meticulously. Sometimes things don’t fall, but the director’s dedication to every part of filmmaking made the project a fun experience,” she says.

Radhika is confident about her career and her choices. “I have no regrets about any of the films I have worked in. I am at the right stop,” she says.

What’s in the pipeline? “I’m looking forward to the release of ‘Shivaji Surathkal — The Case of Ranagiri Rahasya’ which stars Ramesh Aravind, and ‘Chase’, which will happen later this year. I have my fingers crossed,” she says. 


Ajay Kumar P V, who was the sound engineer for Bollywood film ‘Andhadhun’ has worked on ‘Mundina Nildana’. “He helped me out with several tips on how to perfect my dubbing skills. Dubbing is a challenging field for me; it’s almost like acting all over again for a scene. When one is acting on a scene, the emotions are real but in dubbing, one has to lip sync, which is quite a task. Ajay Kumar taught me how to smoothen the process and I will remember those tips my entire life,” she says.


The film will be released under the banner of Coastal Breeze Productions.

’Mundina Nildana’s teaser fetched 1.12 lakh views.

Radhika felt a deep connection with her role as an art curator and aficionado, after her recent stint with zentangles (an easy to learn and relaxing way to create images using structured patterns).