Engineer Srinidhi Shetty turned heroine for 'KGF'

Engineer Srinidhi Shetty turned heroine for 'KGF'

She was spotted after she won a beauty title in 2016, and was soon shooting opposite Yash for the period drama

Srinidhi Shetty

Exploring a career in acting was always on the mind of Srinidhi Shetty, who plays the female lead in KGF.

Winning a beauty title in 2016 strengthened that ambition. “That’s when an offer from the makers of KGF came. I didn’t think twice before taking it up,” she says.

KGF, mounted as a blockbuster, took two years to make, and Srinidhi couldn’t have asked for a better debut.  “I came in with no knowledge about acting but I didn’t feel like a newcomer, so perfect were the directions from Prashanth Neel. He knew exactly what he wanted of me,” she says.
 Her character of Reena is a total contrast to that of Rocky, played by Yash. “She has a lot to do in Rocky’s journey. While she is independent, sophisticated and a wee bit arrogant, Rocky is carefree and wild,” Srinidhi says.

The engineering graduate and model had to switch from her cheerful self to bring out the nuances of Reena’s character.

“Reena had to convey more with her expressions than with her dialogues. I had to walk, talk and breathe my character,” she says.

 The film was made under tough conditions. “We shot in the dust, rain and in extreme heat. Now, looking back, all that hard work has been worth it,” she adds.

The film’s art director Shivakumar has created the 1970s and 80s feel and seamlessly woven it into the setting and backdrop. “Everything from the telephones, the cars and the wall clocks have a vintage feel,” she adds.  

Working opposite Yash has taught her a great deal, she reckons. “He is hardworking and dedicated to his craft. I hope I am able to develop the same passion for my work. He’s also very focused. What he does in one take, I take at least a few more to get right,” she says.

Who is she?
Srinidhi completed her BE and worked in Accenture for a while before she decided acting was her true calling. She has also worked as a model. KGF is her debut film.

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