Exhibit has Indian, Vietnamese artworks

Exhibit has Indian, Vietnamese artworks

Paintings will be changed every 40 days at ‘Art at L1’, JW Marriott Hotel.

JW Marriott Hotel, Bengaluru recently introduced a new look to their level one lobby and called it ‘Art at L1’. Paintings from various parts of India and Vietnam, curated by The Asian Arthouse, are displayed in the lobby.

Artworks by Indian artists Laxman Aelay, Steven Gandhi, Paramesh Paul, Manoj Das, Gourishankar Soni, Sastry Sanyasayya, Samir Sarkar are exhibited. Van The, Thanh Son, Cong Dien, Ngyen Minh Quan are among the Vietnamese artists whose works have been displayed. Artworks of Sangeeta Babani and Nanda Khiara are being exhibited for the first time in Bengaluru.

“It is an attempt to bring together unique works of artists from India and Vietnam. The paintings blend multiple concepts and forms of traditions and cultures of the two countries,” said Rajika Mittra, founder of Asian Arthouse, when asked about the uniqueness of the paintings showcased.

“Hailing from Calcutta, art is a part of my life. Started in 2004, The Asian Arthouse intends to encourage budding artists from across the world,” she added.

“The showcase touches upon the artists’ journey in their experiences, which is diverse and subjective,” she elaborates.

“JW Marriot hosts thousands of people every day. The guests have nothing much to do during the day. The paintings displayed in the lobby might occupy them and keep them busy. Interested people can also buy the paintings,” says Reuben Kataria, General Manager, JW Marriot

“We intend to change the artworks every 40 days to make it more of a living concept. We plan on localising the art displays. It helps to connect with the local crowd and also educate the foreigners about the local culture,” adds Reuben.