Expectations high for finale

Expectations high for finale

After two Saturdays of non-stop action, 10 qualifying colleges will now compete for the top slot at the grand finale of the Deccan Herald Metrolife Fashion show on September 8 at Dayananda Sagar Institutions, Kumaraswamy Layout. Metrolife caught up with the judges and asked them what they are looking forward to.

Paresh Lamba, fashion designer

“I look forward to seeing the creativity of the younger generation, the design students to be specific. It’s wonderful to see their passion come alive. I am thrilled because I have been a part of the show for a few years now and the quality and presentation only gets better. Naturally, I am expecting it to be a notch higher this time. My only advice to the participants is to be confident and sport the right attitude. In fashion, sometimes your first, second or third might not work well for you but if you are passionate, you will crack it.”

Harshika Poonacha

Harshika Poonacha, actor

“I’ve been part of many fashion shows but I have high expectations from the Deccan Herald Metrolife Fashion Show. I look at the confidence levels of the
participants; it’s not just about having a good physique and knowing how to walk, it’s also about how you can carry yourself. Unless you think you can do it, you can’t. It’s important for you to be comfortable in what you wear.”


Radhika Chetan 

Radhika Chetan, actor

“There isn’t anything that I don’t like about the show. It’s very well organised and it gives a chance for college students to explore various themes.  Sometimes the entire thing is so colourful that I get lost in that world. Going by what I have seen in the previous editions, I look forward to seeing an interesting bunch of teams on stage. I definitely have high expectations; the show only seems to get better by the year.”



Inchara Rao

Inchara Rao, playback singer

“As a singer and stage performer, being part of a fashion show is a first. I have seen pictures of the students from the preliminary rounds and they look fantastic. Everything from the clothes they wore to the way they presented themselves looked awesome. Since it’s my first time at the show, I don’t know what to expect. I look forward to the students to surprise me. To be honest, though, I want more to be part of the audience and cheer them than judge them (laughs).”



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