Family, friends, food

Family, friends, food

Hitha Chandrashekar

Actor Hitha Chandrashekar made her debut in Sandalwood with ‘Kaal Kg Preethi’, which was directed by Satya Shaurya Sagar. Her role as a sex worker in ‘Yogi Duniya’, directed by Hari Mahadev, fetched her rave reviews. She will be seen in ‘Onthara Bannagalu’ directed by Sunil Bhim Rao. Hitha will also be seen starring opposite Sunil Raoh in ‘Thurthu Nirgamana’, directed by Hemanth Kumar.

"Weekends are a privilege for actors. So, whenever I get two days off, I make the most of it. 

I love spending my time with family and friends as they are my world. I have a close circle of friends and I meet them as and when possible. My closest pal Priyanka Prasad is my 2 am friend.   

When outside, my family and I head to a mall and shop, spend some time at a restaurant, have some interesting conversations or even watch a film together. We try to keep the film industry away from our family conversations though I do update my parents about my work. My mother is a witty person and her one-liners are always a delight. 

If we are at home, we enjoy my father’s cooking. He is most often busy so whenever he has at home, we relish the mouth-watering Paneer starters, fancy appetisers or biryanis he makes. Sometimes, our friends also join and it becomes a large family affair.

I am a big foodie and I crave for biryanis at least once a week. I love binging on food though I keep a check on the calorie intake. Though my family is vegetarian, I am a non-vegetarian. I like trying different things but I stick to chicken in meat. Momos, Pani Puri, Italian; I can eat anything as I am not a fussy eater. I love spicy food!

Eating out also means that I have to burn out the calories efficiently. I hit the gym more strictly when a project is nearing, I do combinations of cardio and fitness routines. I am a kathak dancer. Dance has been a great stress buster and a calorie burner for me. I have also been playing badminton recently. 

I am an avid traveller and have been to the US, Australia and New Zealand. I have also been lucky to have travelled far and wide in Karnataka as I did two travel films. I am a beach baby and I love visiting Goa. Something about beaches relaxes me. 

I love adventure activities. I did sky-diving in New Zealand and it was a fun experience.  

I am a people’s person but when I am not surrounded by people, I like being in the comforts of my room, with my fairy lights on, being lost in my thoughts and writing in my journal.

After all, weekends are about stepping away from the mundane."

A few of my favourite things


Perfumes and fragrances


A Lion King towel that my father bought for me when I was 4.