Film highlights scenic Karnataka locations

Film highlights scenic Karnataka locations

Onthara Bannagalu set for release this Friday

Onthara Bannagalu is about a physical and emotional journey.

Director Sunil Bhimrao’s Onthara Bannagalu that is scheduled to release on August 17, is about five people who take a road trip to cut off from their lives.

Commonly observed in Bengaluru, the movie stresses on the importance of stepping back from one’s life and hitting the road.

Onthara Bannagalu highlights beautiful locations in Karnataka like Badami, Bagalkot, Sakleshpur, Bisle Ghat, Malpe beach, Padukere beach, Mangaluru among others. Sunil says, “I wanted to showcase some mesmerising locations of the state.”

An unplanned trip to Badami inspired the movie. “My friends and I had gone for a wedding and we had half a day left to us. We travelled to some beautiful caves and this is when I realised the beauty of the state.” 

“In 2016, when my father had a heart attack, I was in the hospital taking care of him. I was going through some of my old emails when I read the one-line idea that I had written in 2013. My father spoke about things he still wanted to do and then I realised there was no point in waiting anymore to make the film,” says Sunil.

Onthara Bannagalu means indefinite colours and the film intends to showcase myriad emotions, including family sentiments. “Travel movies are common now. This film is different as the journey is both a physical and emotional one. As the locales change, so does the emotion and mindset of each of the lead characters.”

‘Janaki is like me’

Sonu Gowda as Janaki 

The actor vouches that she was able to relate to Janaki. “Janaki doesn’t care about the future, talks a lot, loves travelling and is a foodie, which is what I am too,” Sonu says.
Janaki is unique because: “She has to travel and adjust to situations. How she explores the world and enjoys each moment makes her unique.”

‘I have gone through what Sri has’

Prathap Narayan as Sri

Actor Prathap who is back after ‘Benkipatna’, plays the role of a corporate professional who is tired of the mundane corporate culture. He says, “My character blurts out whatever he feels.”
Prathap vs Sri: “The role was very easy for me as I work late night shifts in a corporate office.”

‘It helped me find answers’

Hitha Chandrashekar as Hitha

The actor says she is not similar to the onscreen Hitha. “She has always figured things out by herself. Luckily, I have a good support system and have learnt things on my own pace.”
Lessons learnt from the film: “It’s my first time acting with many co-actors and the film taught me to work in sync with many people.” 

‘I love going on solo trips’

Praveen Kumar Jain as Ram

Praveen who is making a debut into the Kannada film industry with this film, plays the role of a government professional who isn’t happy about how slow things are around him. “I am an orphan in the film, who is frustrated with how life has turned out to be. An incident pushes him to take a break and explore other aspects of life,” he says.
Connect with character: “I am a trekker and love going on solo trips. I am someone who keeps taking breaks to clear my head.”
A personal journey for me: “This film is my entry into Sandalwood. It was a learning experience as I am a North Indian and had to speak in Kannada.”

‘Onthara... never felt like work’

Kiran Srinivas as Jai

Kiran Srinivas portrays the role of Jai, an IT professional who is comfortable with the amount of money he is making but isn’t happy with what he is doing.
How was the experience: “Onthara Bannagalu was an educative and comfortable journey. I am doing a role where my character is sorted and is a family man, quite like me. On one hand, ‘Onthara...’ never felt like work as the lines in the film were just like how one would talk when on a road trip with friends, while on the other, I was lucky to be more involved with this film than any other. I also got to discover North Karnataka.”