Find the perfect fit to match your figure

Find the perfect fit to match your figure

Here's your guide to choosing the right pair of jeans  

Choosing the right pair of jeans can be quite a harrowing experience and we’ve all gone through it at some point or the other. To make this Herculean task easier, here are a few basic things that you must bear in mind when shopping for jeans.

Big butt

The butt is where most of the women tend to put on a lot of weight. But here is the solution. Always buy a low-riding pair of jeans. This will minimise your butt. Styles with a relaxed fit are just perfect for this physique. Remember tight or fit jeans will make you look even bigger.

According to the dictionary meaning, hip is defined as a part of the body that sticks out on each side of the body below a person’s waist. So, let us not get confused between big butt and big hips. Most Indian girls (and not women) do not have big butts but big hips as they stick out on the side. The solution for this is simple — choose generously cut styles as they don’t attract attention to your hips. The other option is to try slightly flared (strictly slightly) to even out the proportions of the jeans.

Short legs

We are all aware that the average height of the Indian, whether male and female, is not exactly very flattering but so what. In fact, I just about fit the average height of an Indian male. I have managed a pretty positive solution to this problem. Invest in a pair of jeans with a narrow straight-leg or boot cut style, which elongates the leg and also gives you enough to cover your high heels (just in case you are one of those who loves high heels).

Boyish figure

Personally, I think this is the best shape to be in because you can share your boyfriend’s or your brother’s pair of jeans and have nothing to worry about the big butt or big hips’. Considering we are all blessed with a unique body shape, size and structure, it’s a good idea to accept it and make the best of it. Such people can opt for button front hip-huggers.  Play up the curves with contrast topstitching and higher-set pockets.