Flood fury on screen

 The floods are featured twice in the film, as without it, my climax would have been impossible. You can call the floods a character in my film,” says Saiprakash, who loved the climax of Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu and has made use of a similar climax.

At a screening of select songs and scenes of the film, Saiprakash chose to dwell on the comedy track featuring Sadhu Kokila. “In my other films, the comedy tracks didn’t contain any message as such. In Devaru Kotta Tangi, I have used comedy that also contains a moral lesson.”

“The songs are also not set with commercial interests in mind. My songs are all situational,” Saiprakash said before pointing out the speciality of the Nagara Panchami number. “We found reference to the legend in a Purana and decided to use the same in the song. The story in the song is also the story of Devaru Kotta Tangi. Usually, we have seen the elder brother sacrificing for his sister. But in Devaru Kotta Tangi, we have the sister sacrificing her life for her tavaru.”

Saiprakash is also showing the contrast in character of two brother-sister pairs (Shivarajkumar-Meera Jasmine and Sadhu Kokila and Monica) in the film.
“While one brother wants to see his sister married before he settles down, the other brother is highly irresponsible, busy gambling away all valuables that he lays his hands on.”
The director, who is also the producer, is releasing the film throughout the State, with 30 prints. Devaru Kotta Tangi is releasing in Bhumika on Thursday.

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