Floral motifs now popular for men

Floral motifs now popular for men

Designer Manoviraj Khosla is experimenting with colourful tones and embroidery with flower patterns this season.

Menswear this winter has gone from being boring and monotonous to colourful, edgy and funky. Designers around the world are playing with colourful tones as well as embroideries in floral patterns, bringing nature onto the catwalk. Here are a few looks that I am working on for Autumn/Winter 2018-19:

Floral Themes: The garden of Eden suddenly seems to be on everybody’s shopping list. From bandhis, bandhgalas, stolls and sherwanis to ‘lungis’ and leather jackets- flower power definitely rules. Not to forget; green is the new black. 

Brocade: This season, brocade is playing a major role — black and gold, white and gold, multicolour and gold, floral motifs, paisleys etc. All you need is a good brocade jacket — this can be in a range of styles from bomber jackets teamed with a stylish kurta with a pair of Jodhpur pants, to sherwanis (both long and short), bandhgalas and even tuxedos. There is no backing down as far as brocade is concerned.

Blue crushed velvet shoes with gold screen print.

Prints: Prints have always been one of my favourite ways to make a fashion statement. Funky prints, sober prints, exotic prints and of course floral prints.  This season I have experimented with prints in many ways; metallic prints, digital ones, screen prints to foil prints — we have worked with this medium in a range of silhouettes. Printed sherwanis have made a big impact this season — we have done a variety of prints in different colours with different motifs, especially floral, on sherwanis and even bandhgalas with prints. Printed shoes are another great option. From velvet fabrics which work perfectly well for weddings, parties or even just with a pair of jeans. 

Texturing fabrics: This has always been one of my all-time favourites. Working on laser cut techniques on fabrics and different patterns and shapes — by way of pleating, folding, and pin-tucking — redefines the fabric, giving it a completely new personality. These fabrics can then be used for jackets as well as shirts.

Shoes: Printed, spiked, embroidered, classic leather and crushed velvet shoes — the options are many. You can team a pair of crushed velvet shoes with a sherwani as well as a pair of jeans to transform your look and take it to the next level.