Focus on football ‘changing Kashmir’

Artist Prashant Godbole says this photo is one of his favourites. It features a commando lost in playing football.

Adidas in association with Real Kashmir Football Club (RKFC) is hosting a photo exhibition at the Rangoli Art Centre, MG Road.

The pictures by well-known street photographer Prashant Godbole portrays life in Kashmir through the lens of football.

The exhibition aims at depicting the ‘Real’ Kashmir and the brimming football enthusiasm amongst their youth.

Speaking to Metrolife, Prashant shares that he had nothing planned while taking the pictures. “I just caught them in the moment,” he says.

The pictures on display showed youngsters practising their skills tirelessly on cold winter mornings, to embody Kashmiris’ leap towards positivity.
The portraits make one realise that the only thing hopeless about Kashmir is the negative lens we see it through.

When asked about the challenges faced during the shoot, Prashant reveals that there was none. “The people were very co-operative. In fact, they were ready to tell their stories,” he adds.

Sharad Singla, head activations, Adidas India, notes that the company chose Bengaluru for the exhibition for its welcoming nature.

“Bengaluru is a city of flavours. Also, the city has the highest number of football fans”. 

He says that the RKFC came into existence during the time of the Kashmir floods in 2014. “RKFC distributed footballs to children there to distract them from their sorrow,” he says.

RKFC is inspiring the youth in Kashmir to bring in a wave of change. It has worked towards weeding out the misleading perception ingrained in the minds of people through the lens of sports.

Afshan Ashiq, the female football player from Kashmir who is currently playing for Premier India Football Academy, was also present at the event. 

She spoke about her journey and the struggles she went through to pursue her dream. “I was never encouraged at home. I was asked to choose between family and football, and I chose football,” she said.

The photo exhibit is open to public from 11 am to 7 pm till January 27.

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Focus on football ‘changing Kashmir’


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