From Delhi Belly to Jai Jai Maharashtra...

From Delhi Belly to Jai Jai Maharashtra...

From Delhi Belly to Jai Jai Maharashtra...

Though being a VJ is what she ever wanted but after months of recordings in USA, the Sudan born actress Anusha Dandekar is all set for the release of her first international solo. “My international debut called ‘better than your ex’ is about to release. I hope everyone loves it,” Anusha excitedly tells Metrolife.

“The song is all about my High school, and you will get the story when you listen to it. There is no album yet, it’s just a single. It’s how they do it in America. A single track is released first followed by the album,” she adds.

With minimal professional training in vocals, Anusha is set to rock the international music charts with her very first attempt. “I never really had professional training, I hadn’t sung in school. I had a teacher outside school training me for some time. Then I had a trainer in New York, as I kept recording my single in America, New York and Los Angeles.”

Her career is as versatile as she is. She spent a lot of time travelling to different countries as a youngster, but finally decided to move to India where VJing happened eventually.
Her stunning looks and extraordinary command on the language brought Bollywood a step closer to her, and Anusha started acting subsequently. “I always wanted to be a VJ, so it was really lucky being there. From VJing to acting - well, it was accidental. I got an offer and went for it.

And now, last Friday was the debut of my first ever Marathi film,” she said.
Her song in Delhi Belly with Aamir Khan took everyone back to the retro era and she expects to spill the same magic with Jai Jai Maharashtra Maaza - her Marathi feature.
Not being fluent in Marathi, she was brave enough to accept the offer and completed it successfully too. “I can speak Marathi, but not shudh Marathi. So it was difficult for me.
But I like challenges and I got through it. The best part was, all of my friends came out crying. They were really excited about the movie and there was a lot of emotion involved. I hope it wasn’t because I acted badly, ” she smiles sportingly.

Describing VJing and acting as two widely different aspects, she explains, “Being a VJ, you have to be yourself. While acting, you need to portray some different character. I am an entertainer. Whether that entertainment is in the form of talking or dancing or acting or singing - as long as I am entertaining, I like what I am doing.”

The style diva also hosts a popular fashion show in the firm belief that good fashion adds to the personality of a person. Even after being the style icon of the nation, she still tends to hide behind comfort in personal life.

“Comfort is one thing when I am sitting at home and wearing pajamas. When I am going out most of the time on flights, I like to be comfortable. But at times there is no pain, there is no gain. Sometime I keep telling people to be comfortable and all, but the truth is sometime you have to take a little pain to look good,” she concludes.