Fusion experiments work for the foodie

Fusion experiments work for the foodie

The starters at The Bangalore Cafe on KH Road are a hit, the desserts not so much

Maal-a-Maal Dry Fruit gravy paired with Chur Chur Naan and Malai Naan is a must-try here.

The Bangalore Cafe is located on the busy KH Road, amidst huge trees and long traffic jams. It offers a variety of dishes and its perfect ambience sets the tone for a sumptuous breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pasta Aglio Oli was one of our
favourites from the menu.

The starters are aplenty with Mava Tikka, Goli Shots and Punjabi Khettan de Phool to choose from. The Mava Tikka comes with two pieces of soft paneer that sandwich a 

mildly-spiced red filling. The paneer is covered in a sauce made of dry fruits, butter and smoked in a tandoor. It melts in your mouth and has just the right mix of spicy and tangy feel. It is garnished with bell peppers and served with a green chutney that helps enhance the flavour.

Goli Shots are mushrooms sauteed in butter-garlic sauce and wrapped in an eggplant peel. It is garnished with cherry tomatoes and Basil leaves. This dish has a distinct flavour. The mushrooms are tender with a hint of pepper. The tomatoes add a tangy feel to the dish.  This cafe has made all efforts to transcend categories and has even tried to convert the main course into a starter.

A must-try dish is a Punjabi Khettan de Phool which is a tiny ‘Makki Di Roti’, topped with ‘Sarson Da Saag’ and garnished with radish. The main course is elaborate and one is spoilt for choice. You could try ‘Maal-a-Maal Dry Fruits with Chur Chur Naan and Malai Naan with Aglio Oli pasta. The former is a simple tomato gravy with lots of dry fruits and melon seeds made in ghee.

There’s the goodness of cashew, pistachio and melon seeds with deep fried onions. It is rich and comforting in winter. The gravy is best served with Malai naan because it balances the meal. You could try the Chur Chur Naan for the crunch. The Aglio Oli is simply delicious. The best part about the main course and starters are the quality of ingredients that add to the taste of the dishes. 

While the experiments with the dishes work well and the element of fusion with fancy names are a good touch, the desserts are a bit disappointing. Cuckoo’s Nest, is creativity gone wrong. It is essentially deep-fried balls filled with chocolate sauce, served with Soan papdi. The Nawab’s Bites fare slightly better. It is a rice-based kheer, garnished with saffron and rose petals and served an earthen pot.

The kheer serves as a dip to the deep fried bread covered in sugar syrup. This reminds one of Shahi Tukda. However, it could have been done better. The starters and main course are wholesome. If you are someone who seeks variety in vegetarian food and loves experiments then this is the place to go. The staff is friendly and courteous and the ambience is great. 

The Bangalore Cafe is located at No 4, KH Road, Double Road, Shanti Nagar. For details, call 080-49653314.