Eco-friendly restaurant on Brigade Road

Eco-friendly restaurant on Brigade Road

The new kid-on-the- block offers fusion food and drinks with a twist

The vertical garden is a huge hit among the diners.

Did you say a vertical garden on Brigade Road? Tell me more!

A new restaurant called By Chance, a one-stop spot for drinks, pizza and more has come to town. Still, in its nascent stage, the restaurant has customers coming in because of the eye-catching garden and big screen.

But once you’re inside, the soft lights, peppy music and interior decor capture the true essence of the city.

We opted for one of the high chairs and continued to admire the ambience. Unlike other restaurants, there weren’t any hard copies of the menu. Instead, we used the Wi-Fi to access it.

Here’s another thing. There’s no air-conditioning, yet the restaurant is cool and breezy. The exhaust fans and the vertical garden took care of that. This eco-friendly concept definitely deserved brownie points. 

Let’s get to the main event now. My friend and I ordered two mocktails and a cocktail. The ‘Flying Kiwi’ had a tangy blend of kiwi and lime, a must-try for its refreshing flavour and subtlety.

Then came ‘Strawberry Delight’, a beautifully red mix of strawberries and pomegranate. The mocktail is topped with an ice-bowl filled with pomegranate and had a hint of lime.

As for the cocktail, my friend tried ‘It of Love’, a refreshing mix of watermelon and vodka. The simple blend of vodka, fruit juice with sweet-salty flavour was quite comforting and the fresh watermelon enhanced the flavour. 

When it came to the food, we were offered one of the specials by Chef Sirshendu. We tried the ‘Green Chicken Chilaquiles’, a Mexican dish made with tortilla chips, pulled chicken sautéed in a green sauce made of beans and chillies topped with scrambled eggs and sour cream. An interesting mix, this one packs in a lot of flavours and hits the right notes.

The ‘Wood Fire Farm Fresh Pizza’ was the highlight of the dining experience. Chef Amanda prepared the fire in the oven while we sat in the warmth of the fire and watched her prepare the delicious pizza. With the temperature above 300, it took only a little more than a minute to get it ready.

Topped with a generous amount of cheese, olives, jalapenos, mushrooms and onions, it was perfect. The crust was soft and fresh. 

As the cuisine is fusion food, we had ‘Carrot Halwa’ for dessert. With just the right amount of sugar, the offering was simple and sweet. We finished our meal with a shot nitrogen coffee. The nitrogen enhanced the taste of the coffee all the more, adding to the colour and texture. The unique concept here was the bar bazaar, a place where the prices are never constant. The drinks are cheaper in the morning and as the demand increases by evening, the prices go up. There’s a good chance of getting lucky here too. We felt that ‘By Chance’ is ideal for a date and game night.

The restaurant is located at 51 & 52, Ground Floor, Brigade Road. For more details, call 49652675.